A Shower for Baby #3

On Saturday, my friend Kelly threw me a beautiful Baby Shower!
I was a little hesitant about having a shower for Baby #3, but Kelly said every baby deserves a shower (and I have no baby items since I gave everything away 2 years ago!)
Since we don't know if it's a boy or girl, Kelly did the yellow/gray theme which is one of my favorite color combos! She did such a good job, the shower was beautiful!
She had a poll up for people to guess what Baby #3 is:
The drink station:
Complete with a mimosa bar (sigh!)

And, the yummy food:

Opening some presents:
Favor Bags:
Kelly & I, the wonderful hostess!
My sister Elyse & I:
My best friend AK from Colorado was in town for the shower!
Becky, me & Kelly:
Sisters picture:
With my mom & Kevin's mom:
The shower was perfect.
It was such a great day & I felt so loved and blessed.
It was fun to celebrate this Baby's upcoming arrival with some of my closest friends & family.
Baby #3 has everything it needs...it's waiting time now!
Less than 1 month to go!


  1. i agree every baby needs a shower & your shower is so beautiful.

  2. I agree with your friend Kelly. She's a smart girl. :) I said that exact same thing to my friend when I threw her a shower for her 3rd baby too! (the gap between #2 and #3 is 4 years so she, too, had got rid of all her baby stuff).
    So glad you have such sweet friends in your life to "shower" you with love and blessings. :)

  3. Cute shower!
    p.s. I have the same dress-love it!

  4. Love your dress! You look fantastic!
    Beautiful shower too.

  5. Mini fruit cups?! I want that recipe!!

    You look great!

  6. I had a given away all of my baby stuff when we found out about our sweet little bonus baby. I did feel funny about having another shower but everyone told me the same thing.
    The shower was beautiful. I love the yellow and grey.

  7. Love the yellow and grey! You look great!

  8. What a lovely shower, and you look terrific!

  9. How beautiful. Everything...

    You are so lucky to have such wonderful friends in your life. It's truly a blessing...so happy that you get to have that :)


  10. How fun! You look great! Where did you find your dress??

  11. You look gorgeous! The decorations were adorable! I agree every baby needs a shower:)

  12. What a fun shower! And I love your dress...so cute!

  13. What a sweet shower! I agree that every baby deserves a shower :)

  14. Love your dress! The shower looks like it was amazingly delicious :)

  15. Love your dress! The shower looks like it was amazingly delicious :)

  16. Looks like a lovely shower! You look FANTASTIC! I can't wait to find out boy or girl :)

  17. Cute baby shower!
    Love the colors.
    Love your dress and necklace. Super cute.
    You are almost done! Crazy!

  18. kinda sad right now. everything super cute though!

  19. You are just gorgeous! Your baby belly is beautiful :)

  20. You are just gorgeous! Your baby belly is beautiful :)

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