10 on 10 :: September 2011

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}
Today is 09.10.11
I have been looking forward to today, not only because of the cool date, but also because my friend Tegan was getting married! Aren't her invites neat? I started off my morning map-questing directions to the wedding.
Then it was time for coffee in my Game Day mug! The Buffs played Cal today. We lost in overtime. Sad face.
My parents gave Claire a basketball hoop for her birthday yesterday (Kevin's idea) and it is a huge hit! Fun times ahead!
Kevin gave Claire pink roses for her birthday. Aren't they beautiful?
The girls were playing "cruise ship" on the stairs today.
Kate packed up & ready to go to Grandma's!
Mr & Mrs. Knifton. Fastest wedding ceremony ever. Which was good because it was 100 degrees out!
The bridesmaids & their TOMS shoes for the reception.
Heather & I with the bride. Doesn't Tegan look beautiful?
I loved the floor in the bathroom. And, I love my $12 Payless shoes.
Hope you had a great 10th!

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  1. LOVE the photos you got at the wedding!!! Tegan looked amazing. So nice to finally meet you.

  2. I love your dress! Too cute that the girls are playing cruise ship.

  3. I actually remembered to do this yesterday! What a beautiful wedding you got to attend!

  4. Cute 10 on 10 Mel. Sounds like a fun day.

    Your pics from Claire's bday party are so fun. What a darling party it looks like she had!

    ps- I emailed with Drew and she sent me the unposing guide!! Yay! I can't wait to go through it. Thanks again!!

  5. so fun! the wedding pictures you got are great and i LOVE your dress!

    hope you had a lovely sept 10!

  6. What a good looking couple! And, your dress is super cute!

  7. Such great pics! I totally forgot it was the 10th! So much fun visiting at the wedding with you!!

  8. The "cruise ship" photo is too cute. My boys play "camping out" and they drag out stuffed animals, pillows and blankets. The wedding invite is so neat and I love a short wedding ceremony. Great score on your Payless shoes. Maybe I need to stop by there soon. Have a great week!

  9. I love September weddings. :) How fun they all wore toms after the ceremony. Beautiful bride and love your outfit. Happy b-day to your girl as well.

  10. Oh where to start?! Cruise ship on the stairs?? And I love your Payless shoes too :) Those pink roses are gorgeous!!! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl.

  11. where oh where did you get that skirt you wore at the wedding!?

  12. Great pictures!! Love the tom-tom's!!

  13. Love the wedding invite AND that the bridesmaids were wearing Toms! Awesome!!! Love your colorful dress too!

  14. Those flowers are so pretty. And the cruise ship! How cute! My sister + I used to play "Love Boat" when we were little.

  15. I was so excited when I realized I'd make your 10 on 10. :) Such great pictures! It is absolutely ADORABLE that Kevin bought Claire flowers for her birthday. So sweet!



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