We love the Fair!

Nothing says summer like the good old County Fair!
I love the sights, sounds & smells of the Fair.
We headed out to the Fair last week and were welcomed by the Clowns!
Here are some of our favorite sights at the Fair:
Yeah for over priced blow up toys!
Tractor Pull....
Lasso those Bulls!
Ahh...The Petting Zoo....my least favorite part of the Fair.
This was more like a "Looking Zoo" for us....none of the girls wanted to pet any animals. This proves they are my children.
Hi, Bambi.
My favorite thing at the Fair:
The Pig Races!
So entertaining.
Aren't they just adorable?
These Cowgirl hats were perfect for Claire's birthday party!
So, of course I had to get the girls one.
We got free tickets to the Fair, so 1 hat was the price of 1 admission. I love to justify things :)

The Amazing Swami!
The Ferris Wheel, the signature Fair ride.
This ride looked creepy....you are in water & they put you in a bubble.
Hello, claustrophobia.
Fair ride that used to be at MJ's Neverland Ranch.
It was fun day at the Fair, complete with 2 meltdowns as we left!
Can't wait for next year at the fair!


  1. i love all the pictures of the rides. its got me wanting to go to the fair! i love me some good (very bad for you) fair food!

    love the girls in their cowgirl hats!! so sparkly!

  2. I love the fair also! And, love the vintage feel to your pictures!

  3. Love it! I grew up going to our small county fair; my grandmother, mom and aunts all participated in one way or another in different contests. I can remember eagerly waiting for them judges to post the big blue ribbon on the top winners items.... even though it wasn't mine I'd get so excited!

  4. I love the fair. We will probably skip it though since I will be almost eight months pregnant and it will be HOT!

  5. I love the vintage look of these pictures! Did you use a photoshop action for these? If so, which one?

  6. So much to love in this post as usual. I think we must be long lost sisters separated at birth!!!
    The pigs are hysterical, the hats are divine, so with you on the creepy water ride (what the heck?), and the kiddie meltdowns are like a mirror to my life!

  7. your fair looks really cool. maybe it is just your photos, still your fair looks really cool.

  8. Mel, you simply must come out my way one August. You haven't been to the fair until you've had 'hot dish on a stick' and participated in the 'butter carve o' rama'..

  9. looks like fun. pictures are great. love the cowgirl hats :O)

  10. Those cowgirl hats are adorable!! I love that they match their outfits and the pictures on the ponies!

  11. super cute, mel! love your pictures. we love the fair, too! and now i want a funnel cake.

  12. Your county fair is so cute! Ours is too commercial. I should come visit! :)

  13. I love your girls and your blog! I'm following you, too. :)

  14. Fun times! Reminds me of Charlotte's Web. The pig races are cute. The ride in the bubble on the water is so creepy. I couldn't handle that. Love the girls in the cowboy hats--so cute!

  15. Butter on a Stick? Crazy!
    I did use a vintage photoshop action to edit the pics...it was one I download a few years ago & I don't remember where I got it!

  16. I miss the fair we haven't been in forever!! Thanks for sharing some of your fun pics tho! Made me happy. :o)




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