Disney: By the Numbers

Here is our a recap of our Disney Trip by the Numbers:

The number of bags we brought on the trip.
Feet is the height of the ship
Family members we vacationed with.

The number of stairs in the cruise foyer.
(re-named "Belle's Castle" by my girls)
The number of people on the cruise (It was a fully booked cruise).
Plus, an additional 1,500 crew members!
The number of people on our trip who asked if my girls were twins.
The amount of minutes for the "Golden Mickey's" live show on the cruise.
Such a cute show...I highly recommend seeing it if you cruise the Disney Dream.
The number of escargot that I ate. It was my first time trying escargot & they were delicious!
Our stateroom number. I was so impressed with the room size.
The couch converts to a bed & another bed pulls down from the ceiling. So fun!
The number of feet tall the Aqua Duck waterslide is above the deck. Such a fun waterslide!
The deepest part of the Mickey Mouse pool. We mostly hung out here during the day.
1:00 am
The time we ordered room service for the girls on the first night of the cruise.
The number of hours this self serve drink station was open.
The maximum age you could be to go on the yellow water slide. It was Kate's first time on a waterslide (by herself) and she loved it.
The number of decks high of the ship.
Feet long is the length of the ship 4.
Beach areas on Disney's private island, Castaway Cay.
The number of stingrays Disney has in the waters of Castaway Cay.
(We saw zero)
Miles wide is Castaway Cay. This was my favorite day on the cruise. So beautiful & relaxing!
Towel used to make this towel monkey, courtesy of our stateroom host. He was the best.
Minute long firework show on Pirate night.
The amount of minutes Kate had her ears covered during the firework show. It was literally right above us. Best fireworks show I have ever seen in my life.
The number of Disney Princesses that we aboard the ship.
(Cinderella, Ariel, Tiana, Sleeping Beauty, Belle & Snow White)
The number of chicken fingers I had each day on the cruise. They were SO good! Had them for lunch everyday.
The number of soft serve ice cream cones I had each day.
The time the self serve ice cream station was open. Dangerous.
It was SO good. The banana soft serve was my favorite.
Gallons of water are pumped per minute on the Aqua Duck waterslide to propel guests through the ride.
The number of creme brulee's that our waiter brought our table the last night of the cruise.
Degrees outside the first day we went to Magic Kingdom.
This is NOT a happy family picture. This is a HOT family picture taking the obligatory, "We just got to Disney World picture".
(My thoughts during this picture "Get me back on the cruise. STAT. This is not the happiest place on Earth, this is the HOTTEST place on Earth")

The cost of this Disney Spray Water Bottle that we bought within 5 minutes of entering Magic Kingdom. We were so not prepared for the heat & humidity of Florida. We were desperate.
The car number that Kate drove.
The amount of minutes we waited in line for "It's a Small World".
Or, as I have renamed the ride, "It's a Long World". Slowest & Longest ride....at least it's air conditioned :) I was so tired on this ride I may or may not have closed my eyes for a few minutes. Ha!
Degrees out the day we went to Disney's Waterpark, Blizzard Beach.
(This was one of our favorite days!)

Feet of Lazy River at Blizzard Beach.
MPH speed you reach on this ride, called the Summit Plummet. It is 120 Feet Tall and one of the fastest waterslides in the country. It goes straight down!
Kevin & I each went on that ride. SO fun! What a rush!
Acres at Downtown Disney:
The number of oysters I had with dinner.
We had dinner here & I had raw oysters for the first time.
Floors of fun at Disney Quest in Downtown Disney.
Number of meltdowns our girls had at Animal Kingdom.
We left after 3 hours....all the days of travel caught up with them.
Degrees in the baby pool at our hotel. Pool time with no crowds was a perfect option post Animal Kingdom meltdowns.
Feet in Diameter is the ball at Epcot.

Acres of land at Epcot (making it 3 times larger than Magic Kingdom)
The number of countries represented in Epcot's World Showcase.
Side note about Epcot: I did not want to go to Epcot. I had no idea what Epcot was about. Kevin kept telling me I would love Epcot. I had read nothing about it & ASSumed it was about Space & Science or something. Boy, was I wrong! Epcot was awesome....it has a huge lake & has different countries all around the lake. Epcot was so cute & I loved it. I am SO glad we went to Epcot...I wish we had more time there!

The cost of ice water at ANY restaurant inside Walt Disney World.
Yes, there really is something free at Disney. We got a lot of free water. It was a life saver!
Seconds that the Tea Cup ride lasted. 92 seconds of smiles.
(I got their adorable shirts HERE)

The cost of this Coffee Ice Cream Float.
I would have paid $10 for it....it saved my life at the Magic Kingdom.
I needed caffeine & something to cool me off. This was the perfect treat.

The number of times Kate asked me for a purple Mickey Balloon.
Feet of Main Street in the Magic Kingdom until you reach Cinderella's Castle.
(I took this picture as we were leaving our final day at Magic Kingdom)
So long, Disney World!

Hope you enjoyed my Disney trip by the numbers.
It was an incredible trip.
The Disney Dream Cruise was by far the one of the best vacations I have ever been on.
I wish we did Walt Disney World first & then the cruise.
The cruise was so relaxing & fun...it was hard to do Walt Disney World after that because Walt Disney World is so hot, humid & crowded in June!
Not sure if we will do Disney World again, but because we live in California, we will for sure take the girls to Disneyland....probably in a few years when they are little bit older & can go on more rides.

To read more about our trip, click HERE and HERE.


  1. I loved reading this- your cabin was amazing- loved the bunk beds and the little curtain dividing the room!
    The food, creme brulee, ice cream & self serve drinks, I would be in heaven.
    That cruise looks simply amazing and so fun for the kids. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a cute post! I really enjoyed reading this and I can't wait to take my own girls someday! I never would of thought of a Disney Cruise being relaxing, but it sure looked like fun. The food looked wonderful and your room looked awesome! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Sounds like the best trip ever. Makes me really want to go. I like the way you wrote it, unique and interesting.

  4. That was so much fun reading about each photo and what the number represented (you are a total math teacher!!!). I can see why you enjoyed the cruise so much. Disney is something I'm just not ready to take on yet, but I know it is in our future. Happy 4th!

  5. Thank you so much for this! I need to dig out my Disney guide book now. I can't wait to take our girls!

  6. That was such a cute post, and I loved hearing about your trip! Glad you had a fun time!

  7. What a fun post! I love all the numbers, so cute :)What great memories you guys will have! Well minus the meltdowns! haha

  8. Cute idea! 22 meltdowns at DAK is crazy! Also, Magic Kingdom fits inside the lake at Epcot, fun fact. But Animal Kingdom is 500 acres, and the largest themepark in the world. I love Disney World, but it's tough with little kids.

  9. What a fun post! I was surprised to learn that Disney has a private island!

  10. What a great post! Thanks for sharing. I am going to WDW and Disney Cruise in 6 weeks! I am so excited. Being from the Bay Area I am a little nervous about the Florida heat and humidity.

  11. What a FUN post!!!!!!!! We went on the Disney Dream in Feb, it was fabulous. Fun to learn all those new facts! Looks like a vacation full of memories!

  12. Sounds like the BEST vacation! I bet you were miserable in Florida in June though especially since you are used to California weather. The south is just awful this time of year! I'm glad y'all had a blast though and now I want to go!!!!

  13. What awesome memories you guys made!!! :) So jealous! Been to Disney a billion times, but never been on a cruise before!! Maybe next year :)

  14. I love this. Looks like such a great time and such a good way to remember!

  15. Already knew you were a numbers nut, but this totally takes the cake! ;) Love it! And don't feel too bad, we have that same $17 spray fan-Erik bought it when he took Kieran to DLand and it was a record 113! LOVE the tea cups picture, they will love that you took that when they ate all grown up!

  16. Looks like you guys had a blast. This was such a fun post, I want to hop on a cruise ship like now!

  17. What a great by the numbers recap of your trip, very creative! I'm not much of a cruise person, but that Disney Cruise looks fantastic! Might have to give that a try when we have kids someday. Thanks for sharing!

  18. looks like you guys had a BIG time! love your perspective with numbers. a true math teacher :)
    the cruise sounds amazing. i think you confirmed for me to wait until our boys are a little older to do disney world or land.

  19. Wow Mel, this makes me want to go on a cruise...I'm excited about the 24hr pop :) Glad you all had an amazing time.

  20. I have been on a cruise before and just wasn't that big of fan. But after seeing your pictures, I may have to think about the Disney Cruise with the kiddos!

    Also, just curious, was the whole thing one big package (cruise + Disney) or did you book them separately? Thanks!

  21. I was so excited to see this! I have been looking forward to your Disney Cruise post because we are going on the Disney Dream next June. I even showed it to my husband Marc and he said that he really liked it too! You included a lot of info that we are going to incorporate into our trip, like doing the parks before the cruise. And I was so happy that all of the princesses were on board because Alexa is obsessed with the Disney Princesses! Did you guys use the onboard child activities? We have friends that have raved about them. Thank you! :D

  22. i want to go on a disney cruise so bad. i'm so glad you had fun. question how long did you work on this post? it's seriously fantastic.

  23. That is an awesome recap! I think you just sold me on taking a similar trip : ) I loved all of your pictures, especially the one of the girls on the teacup ride with the cute t-shirts. Thank you for sharing.

  24. 10
    number of minutes i sat here jealous.

  25. What a wonderful time! I love the pic of you eating escargot, I'm not that adventurous! What a blessing to go on a trip like that. So happy for your family ;)

  26. What a fun and BUSY trip!
    Loved all your pics.
    Don't you just love all the food on the cruise?
    SO when are you guys booking your next one? :)
    The room looked great. I've only ever had a room on a ship for two so I have wondered what the family rooms were like.

    ps- thanks for your comment about h and her stitches. im better now. ;)

  27. AWESOME blog post!!

    Now I am 10 times MORE excited about our Disney cruise next April!! :-) Cruises are awesome and I agree about the soft serve!!

    P.S. I am a big fan of Anaheim's Disneyland and Disney Cali Adventure (DCA) We have been numerous times and it's never humid and always the best vacation...

  28. what a fabulous vacation!

    i'd been on the fence about pursuing a disney cruise, but this post just knocked me off the fence and onto disney's side!

  29. What a magical vacation! I cannot wait to try out Disney's cruise line.

    Thanks for sharing all the info and your great pictures!

  30. If you ever want to go to WDW again, go in October or November. There are never any crowds and the weather is PERFECT. I am from Sarasota Florida and Jon and I got married there the first week in November. 80, sunny, no humidity, and no rain every day.

    I don't think people understand how punishing the combo of heat and humidity can be in the south until they experience it!! That is why we are IN the pool all summer here in NC!

    Glad you had a great cruise and trip though. Sounds amazing!

  31. I have yet to go on the Disney cruise, but your pictures make me want to hurry up and try it! Living in Florida my entire life, I'm very used to this heat and probably wouldn't have advised you to go in June (although August is worse!) I will recommend one thing...when the girls are a little older, try Disney World again during Christmas time. They begin decorating the day after Thanksgiving and it really is a magical, beautiful place at that time. Plus, it's not hot! And since you loved Epcot, Epcot portrays Christmas around the world better than anything I've ever seen. They have Santa "talks" where he's dressed in the country's typical attire. There's also the Candlelight Concert (featuring a reading of the Christmas story and traditional hymns) which is beyond amazing. Oh my...this comment is way too long, but I wanted to share some cool things about the parks that are not known all that well.

  32. Hey!!!!!!! I used to work on the Disney Magic! Best 2 years of my life!!! Had a blast. If I was single I'd be right back on that ship cruising the world all over again. I can not wait to take my son on a Disney Cruise when he's older and show him where mummy used to work!!

  33. We went on the Dream last year and it was amazing!! I share your love for the chicken tenders - so good!!! We'll be on the Fantasy in 6 weeks and the first place I'm heading is Flo's V8 cafe!

  34. Is that not THE BEST SHIP?! I relived my experience on The Dream from your pictures! I was on one of their first voyages. What an amazing ship!! All the shows were great and the food was to die for!! And their private island? The most beautiful I have seen!

    Thanks for sharing!



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