Summer: It's half over.

Summer. It's halfway over.
That makes me want to cry.
The "back to school" dreams/nightmares have already started. Ugh.
Here are some Insta-Highlights from the past week which was officially the Halfway mark.

Sunday after church we watched the US Women lose in a heart-breaking shoot-out to Japan in the World Cup Finals. We turned the game on & Claire ran outside to get her soccer ball.
The former soccer player in me rejoiced!
Her & Kate played "soccer" during most of the first half.
Did you know 20 years ago, on 7-17-91, I became a Christian & I prayed this prayer at summer camp. I was 12. Best decision I ever made.

Sunday was also National Ice Cream Day.
Target had Ben & Jerry's on sale. Milk & Cookies = YUM.
But my favorite was the new flavor, Bonnardo Buzz.
Coffee Ice cream with Heath Bar? YES, please.

Monday night Wendy & Jess came over to watch SYTYCD.
Wendy was pretending to be Cat Deely.
(Wendy is on a chair because she is short)
Do you watch? Kate's ballet/tap teacher was Ashley
(She got voted off 2 weeks ago. So Sad. She is such a good dancer & SO nice!)

I made chocolate dipped strawberries to eat as we watched.
They made fun of me because I had Full House on my DVR. So what if I am 32 & DVR Full House. Does that make me dorky or Awesome? I vote Awesome.
Full House is one of the greatest shows. I watched it every Friday night as a kid. Who's with me?

Kate had a fever earlier this week. No fun.
Sunflowers in the summer make me happy:
Know what I love about summer? Weekday mornings with no schedule & we can hang out around the house & make pancakes for breakfast.
Organizing Library books. Yes, they checked out Amelia Bedilia. Awesome.
Poolside Princess Dinner.
Fabric for Claire's Birthday Party:
Princess Obsession at this house. They ate lunch with us.
Whoever invented Slow Melt popsicles is a genius. They are actually slow melting.
Riding the plasma car in the house? Why not!?!
Last night we had a date night to go see Harry Potter.
Big Harry Potter fans here. I thought the movie was great!
Cupcake toppers for Jordis' Birthday party this weekend:
Have you had this Sweet Tea before? I should have been born in the South because I am OBSESSED with Sweet Tea. They don't serve Sweet Tea here in California. I found this brand last summer & I am in LOVE.
Making the best chocolate chip cookies EVER (with pudding in the mix)
Recipe HERE.

Kate is doing so great at her swim team/swim lessons. She has improved so much!
Her teacher has been teaching her freestyle for the past week.
This picture makes me happy. It is our backyard after a pool playdate yesterday. Love the pool towels & suits hanging out to dry & all the pool toys piled up. One of my favorite things about this house is being able to have pool playdates!
Hope the first half of your summer has been great!
Now, I am going to go cry that it is halfway over. Wahhhh!!!

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  1. I'm totally on team full house. I would have had your back, for sure.

    I DEFINITELY watched it every Friday. In fact, almost every Friday one of my friends would come for a sleepover just to watch it (and peewee on Saturday morning)! When it changed to Tuesdays I was heartbroken.

    Yes I remember those kinds of details.

    And, until about a year ago, I'd watch it on ABC Family on my lunch break EVERY DAY. Then they switched the programming. BOO.


  2. I too faithfully watched full house. Loved.

    We have sweet tea everywhere! And I don't even like it.

  3. Sadness=summer going by so quickly, awesomeness=Ashley being Kate's dance teacher and Full House on the DVR!!

  4. for the record, cat is the one who made fun of you. i was totally down with DEEJ. and kimmy kibbler, too.

    P.S. if i would have know you had those awesome cookie sheets that i'm sure make perfectly round cookies, i would have bootlegged them from your kitchen.

  5. Ha! I remember when the Beach Boys would come on Full House and Uncle Jesse was the drummer.

    I need to get out more because I did not know that they did not serve sweet tea in restaurants out of the South. I am more of a Diet Coke gal, but sweet tea is a STAPLE down here!

  6. I loved Full House, if I had girls I would make them watch it! ;) Instead my boys watch Happy Days..haha
    Are those the muffin top pans you're using?

  7. I loved Full House... TGIF!! My son goes back to school on Monday, and in this Arizona heat, that just seems just plain unfair!!! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  8. I loved Ashley! Almost as much as I loved Full House!

  9. I only have two weeks of summer vacay left! So sad!

    Also, you look like you have such a fun life!

  10. We are huge fans of SYTYCD here too. Love it!

    I want to go see the last HP but have been putting it off because then that means the HP saga is over.

    We have four weeks of summer left and I think we should make a list of things we want to fit in before school starts.

    Looks like y'all had a fun & full week!

  11. I loved Full House as a kid; I still love sunflowers!!! I lost some sleep on Monday after another teacher emailed me about a midterm question--I haven't touched my bag AT ALL!! Like sweet tea but my husband LOVES it--will have to try that brand: )

  12. HI Mel, 1. I watch Full House every friday night growing up! TGIF! 2. I pretty much took the same picture of that sweet tea and reusable cup at my house. I also feel like I should have been born in the south because of my love for sweet tea. 3. I ADORE SYTYCD. Thank you for sharing, that was so fun to read!

  13. Haha! I loved Full House on Friday nights as well! It was a Friday night thing to order pizza and watch Full House. I loved when it started coming on again and my step-daughter wanted to watch it. I would always sit and watch it with her.

  14. So sad summer is half over, but I'm loving every last minute before we go back for teacher inservice/meetings. LOVED full house and uncle Joey and Danny! Thanks for the recipe. Going to check that out and bake something today :)

  15. Love Full House! Sweet tea? Not so much! We are moving to Georgia later this summer and I will probably be the only one in the Peach State that doesn't like it. Maybe it will grow on me...like coffee did over the course of a few years. We shall see!

  16. This post made me laugh, especially the sweet tea comment. I was born in Tennessee and we have sweet tea EVERYWHERE. I dont like it though, ha. Go figure :)

  17. LOVE Full House! And yes, so sad Summer is half over:(

  18. Enjoyed reading your latest posts. Are those cookie tins? I've never seen those before!

    As I read your 'about me' I felt like I was reading mine!
    *Married best friend-check,
    *love Jesus, my family, photography, soccer-check.
    *Could handle life without coffee or wine, though my husband is a coffee addict.
    *I am a full time mommy of 2 BOYS and used to teach math for middle school at a Christian school, but I made sure not to tell them that because you get roped into everything at small schools (and wasn't that great anyway). :)
    *Zippy our wonder dog completes our clan, but he's not so much the wonder dog anymore, as he's 18.5. ANYWHOO...nice to meet ya!
    *Love reading Wendy's blog, too!
    *Nice to 'meet' you!

  19. Oooh, there's a lot of good stuff
    in this post.
    Except for the summer being
    half over, thing.
    It's going tooooo fast!

    I'm not a sweet tea fan,
    and when we lived in Texas and
    I would ordered unsweetened tea,
    everyone would look at me like
    I had three heads.


  20. WENDY!!!! I love Wendy!!! Lucky ladies :)

  21. I love full house. I just got Candace Cameron's book and am already half way through it.
    I would love to do a give away on your blog! Thank you for your interest and support. Just send me more details...

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