These Shoes...

...have been worn every.single.day since February 7th
(Except one day last week when we couldn't find them in the morning, but don't worry...they were found under a pile of dirty laundry before dinner and she put them on right after we found them. Crisis averted.)

If you don't believe me (or have some free time on your hands) feel free to look through every post of mine since February 7th & you will see Kate wearing these lovely shoes.

I got Kate these {high quality} pink dress shoes from Target for just $10
(a picture of the shoes brand new)

So, if I calculate correctly, she has gotten a good "cost per wear" out of these shoes.
Since she has worn them for about 90 days & they were only $10, it is about 11 cents per wear.
(One of Kevin's favorite things to to is calculate "cost per wear" on clothing/shoes)

To say that Kate is obsessed with these shoes is an understatement.
She totally freaks out they are missing or if I suggest she wears a different pair of shoes.
If you are friends with us or have seen Kate for the past few months, you will have noticed these shoes because they are in rough shape. Really rough shape. I don't think the pictures do them justice. She wears them with everything...jeans, pants, skirts, dresses, pajamas. All that matters to Kate is that she wears her pink flower shoes.
I told her on Sunday that it was going to be the last day she wore those shoes because they were too worn out. She had a mini meltdown & all day she told us how sad she was about her shoes. (manipulation much?!)
The past week she has been complaining that they hurt her feet.
But, that doesn't stop her...they are still the only pair of shoes she will wear!

So, it is time for an intervention and for these shoes to go in the trash.
I took her to Target to pick out a pair of new shoes & she wouldn't even try any on.
She said I could get Claire a pair of shoes instead. *sigh*
I did buy her a pair of sandals because summer is coming & these pink shoes just won't cut it anymore. But will she wear them? No.
I am picking my battles with her lately & letting this shoe drama go, but it I think it is time to nip this one in the bud.
Any tips or advice on how to get rid of this shoe issue would be much appreciated!


  1. No earthmoving tips or advice, but I would try bribing her with a toy she wants or something. Littlest Pet shop or Zhu Zhu pets are under $10 and work wonders 'round here. Just wanted to tell you that I have a stubborn & dramatic 4 year old, and I feel your pain. I'm going to check back and see what kind of comments you get because I'm sure they'll come in handy for me down the road.

  2. HILARIOUS!! Ella is the same way about her shoes...Once she has a favorite she doesnt' want to give them up!! Good Luck :)

  3. I feel your pain. EmmyKate has a pair of boots that she wears with everything. Have you tried to see if you could find another pair on ebay? Otherwise good luck. You might just have to throw them out and tell her they got lost.

  4. hahaha!! It's almost as bad as having to get rid of a pacifier!!!

    No advice here :) But thanks for giving me a laugh this morning! :)

    Happy Thursday!

  5. ooh - maybe a goodbye ceremony of some sort? Or, turn them into an art project or a pair of shoes for a favorite stuffed animal? I have a one year old, and no clue what I'm talking about - so feel free to chuckle at those ideas! Maybe you could go to a homeless shelter together and talk about how special it would be to give those shoes to someone who doesn't have any?

  6. I would have suggested taking her shopping for a special new pair... but you've already tried that! Haha!

    Is there such a thing as a shoe fairy? Maybe they could find a new pair on Ebay??? :)

  7. Hi there...love the post on the shoes! Mel, I don't even remember how I first got connected to your blog initially, but I do enjoy reading it! Being the creative mom you are, I have a random question for you...what do you do with your daughters photos? I mean, do you scrapbook, do you digital scrapbook, etc? I can't get myself to start anything because I don't know what kind of an album to do...but i've got thousands of digital photos of my daughter...just curious as to any ideas! thanks. your daughters are adorable.

  8. Aww. Since I'm on this side of the fence so to speak I can say that this is a cute story..
    But to help out - Maybe Don't throw them out - do something special with them like adding pretty ribbon on them and hang them somewhere in her room or put them on a special teddy bear or doll??
    Just suggestions.. let us know how it works out :-)

  9. HAHAHA! This was so funny........especially from a MOB. (mother of boys)

  10. Hysterical! Gotta give it to the girl, she knows what she likes! :)

  11. Oh my! This is hilarious! So this is what I have to look forward too? lol. I like the suggestion of making them into an art project. Maybe have a bural ceremony? I personally would throw them out and call it a day. But I'm a mean mom. :)

  12. Do not ever throw those away please. So great. Such memories.

  13. Oh do I feel your pain Mel. Hannah is SO stubborn and so dramatic it's not even funny. She just recently stopped her phase of "I will ONLY wear sweat pants." Oh how I hated that.

    It's pretty cute that she loves her shoes so much. Good use of cost per wear right there. And a size 7? Oh my, my Claire is a size 8! I guess we grow em big. =)

    Have a great mother's day weekend. Hope the house craziness is slowing down for you.

  14. Oh, my! I love Kate, what a cutie she is. And sassy too!! Funny thing is, in all the pics I thought these were purple but now I see they're just faded pink!! LOL I am sure she will find another pair of shoes to grow attached to. Aren't they too small yet?? That could help, telling her the dangers of wearing too-small shoes...or maybe she won't care. I usually lose this battle, too. Cara has fuzzy boots she will wear when its 90 degrees. This is why I love crocs!! Little wear and tear and they come in sizes that are sure to last a year at the very least. :)

  15. http://www.memoriesinbronze.com/

  16. i would just "lose" them.
    and after a day or so....what will she do but move on and wear something else.
    but maybe i am a mean mommy?
    annie's shoes are so cute but stink so bad they must get "lost" also! they just have to.

  17. No tips, just a good laugh because I can SO relate. :) My little girl wants to wear her dress shoes every where - including the dusty playground. Hope you found a good solution!

  18. I don't have the shoe issue with my child... she loves ALL shoes.

    I would have first suggested what you already tried...shopping for a brand new pretty pair together. but that obviously didn't work.
    Though i think its so adorable that she suggested buying a pair for Claire instead. bahhah.

    My only other suggestion is to toss them... or disappear them (if your wanting to keep them). She'll eventually get over it.
    We lost our last boppy (pacifier) and though there wasn't any crying over it, she asked for it for about a week and then we haven't heard about it since.

  19. I can't bear the thought of you throwing them away. I say, if they're not hurting anything, let her wear them. Most moms would love to have their daughter love just one pair of shoes, and not have the drama of needing "just the right ones" with different outfits. I don't think I would ever get rid of them -- Kate will let you know when it's time for a new pair.

  20. We have the same issue with some pink, sparkly shoes from Target. Currently, beat to heck while other, better shoes hang un-used in the closet. I've just decided that all those un-used items are going to be Adair's "new" clothes when she gets bigger. Life is short, I say let her wear them until they are unsafe to wear!

  21. I can top em. Seriously ours were a few years ago...my now 3rd grader, then kindergardener. She wasn't allowed (please don't let this be a reason she needs therapy later) to wear them to school. They were the pink glitter shoes from Target. They'd gotten so the bottoms were slick as heck, aka not school appropriate. ANy-who. She skipped home at noon, ran straight to her room. Every. Single. Day. To change her shoes into her "Louder Shoes" (as she called them b/c they clickety clack). She said, Momma I feel beautiful in these shoes, which leads to discussions of clothes not making you feel beautiful, your smile & a heart for God make you feel beautiful lala la. Anyway eventually the toes busted out & HUNG out of the shoes. Serious. And I cringed and loathed those shoes! Then the worst happened. She didn't want them one day. They hurt. They suddenly weren't the MOST beautiful things she'd ever worn. And I was kinda sad.
    They are up on the top shelf in the closet. I just COULDN'T get rid of them now.
    So...my advice. Roll with it. It ends quick :)

    and I may need to blog about this so I don't forever forget. And I'll add pics, you'll die!

  22. oh FUNNY! ellie is the exact same way. about that EXACT PAIR OF SHOES!!



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