The Last Dance

For her 3rd birthday in January, Kate's birthday present was dance classes.
It seems like just yesterday that it was her first dance class!
Her last dance class was this past Tuesday.
And, can you believe it....I LEFT MY CAMERA AT HOME!
(And, I left my purse at home along with Claire's shoes. It was one of those days....)

Anyways, thank goodness for Becky, she is a responsible mom & brought her camera & I got these pictures from her! Thanks Becky!
The dance studio puts on a recital for all the students in June, but we decided not to do the recital for a few reasons.
1. The costumes for the recital were about $75
2. The "matching" tap shoes for the recital were an additional $30
3. The recital tickets are $10 a pop & each family has to buy at least 4 tickets.
4. Knowing Kate's personality, chances are that she would get stage fright & not even go on stage during the recital. And, if that happened, I would be so, so annoyed that I spent all that money for nothing!

We decided to save ourselves some money & stress and just pull her out of dance the month before the recital. Plus, she is only 3 years old & has no idea that there is even a recital that she is missing out on! (And, it helped that Becky & I decided to do the same thing & Maddie wasn't doing the recital either)
Because it was her last day of dance, Kevin left work early to come watch part of the dance class & see Kate in "action". The girls did a practice run through of the dance that they learned.
(Kate didn't really remember much of it)
Twice during the "performance" Kate pretended to trip & fall.
As she did this she shouted out, "Oops, I fell!"
TWICE. She did this twice.
I wish I had a video of it. But, oh yeah, I forgot the video camera at home also. (Mom of the year, right here!)

Here are Maddie & Kate with their teacher Miss Ashley.
She was so great with the girls & has a lot of patience!
(Oh man, I just realized I didn't get Miss Ashley a thank you gift or anything. I think you are supposed to do that, right? Oops. Another Mommy Fail right there. Sorry Miss Ashley!)
I asked Kate after her class if she liked ballet or tap better.
(The first half of class is tap & the last half is ballet)
Kate said she likes tap because it is noisy and that ballet is boring. ha!
She also told me she isn't sad that dance class is over & that she wants to do "hymnastics and somersaults" instead. (That is Kate-speak for gymnastics).

It appears that Kate's dancing days are over (for now). I'll ask her next year if she wants to try dance again.
Good thing "So You Think You Can Dance" has started for the summer.
I LOVE that show and I've got to get my dance fix in somehow!


  1. She had a good run :) My daughter preferred gymnastics over dance, too, at age 3 and 4! And now she's moved onto soccer at age 8. You just never know if she'll want to try it again some day :)

  2. These pictures are precious. You totally did the right thing, my three year old freaked out during her recital and didn't dance for most of the performance. Luckily we didn't have to pay for costumes or tickets, so we weren't out any money. Love the "Oops, I fell!" That is so hilarious. "Hymnastics"... she may be onto something... gymnastics to church music... I am sitting here picture the Church Lady banging out the tunes on the piano while the kids are doing back handsprings and sommersaults... hilarious.

  3. She's adorable!!

    Kenzie did a tumble class for a few months. I'm hoping to start her in dance in the fall.

    So excited about So you think you can dance being back!!

  4. So funny! Okay but I'm still outraged at the COST of all that! How do people sleep at night??? (Maybe I'm being a little dramatic...)

    I can't believe you forgot your camera! That's what unpacking an entire house while wrapping up the school year AND caring for 2 crazy girls will do to you.

  5. How flippin cute!!! I'm glad she had fun!

    Leila starts dance again on July 12 and neither of us can wait!

  6. Thank you for the comment on my blog! Wow, looks like she is having fun! The "Oops, I fell!" made me laugh for a few minutes :). Would you maybe want to post about photographing in manual? I would love some tips!!

  7. I too LOVE "So you think you can dance!" I'm also a sucker for little girls in ballerina outfits...it's just too cute.

  8. She looks so sweet in her outfit!!!
    Ha you are my kind of mom! I do believe I would've ended early too with those prices!
    Can't wait for Emma to be old enough to start dance :) too fun!

  9. What a cutie! I love that she would intentionally trip and then call attention to it - a girl after my own heart!



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