San Diego, Sleepovers & Shoes

On Saturday morning , I headed down to San Diego for the day for my friend Heather's baby shower.
Heather lives in Nor Cal by me, but she grew up in San Diego, so a few of us from Nor Cal flew down for her shower. Southwest had amazing deals for $39 each way, so that was my Mother's Day present!
Tegan, Julie, Amanda {Heather's sister in law}, Heather & me!

The shower was beautiful & held at the home of one of Heather's mom's friends.
Every little detail was perfect. Look at the beautiful table. How cute are the hanging lampshades?
Heather asked me to type up some menus & I thought they turned out really cute!
The food was amazing!
All of the shower guests:
We got our tickets in February, so it was before we even considered moving. And, of course it just so happened to be the weekend we got the keys to our new house! ha! I am glad I still went because I had a great time even though it was a really quick trip, I was only gone 14 hours! Thank you to Kevin who watched the girls all day Saturday so that I could go!

And, I have an update to the SHOE saga!
On Saturday when I was in San Diego, Kevin had a talk with Kate about the shoes.
He even showed her the pictures on the blog & they talked about how worn out they were & that maybe she could wear some different shoes every once in a while. Kate happily agreed & on Sunday morning (Mother's Day) I let her decide what shoes she wanted to wear. She picked a different pair! And, when she put them on, she said that they were really comfortable.

So, this week, I took Kate to Target & let her pick out some new shoes.
Here is what she picked out:
And, she hasn't worn her pink flower shoes since then. The past few days she has worn these converse that she got for her birthday:
She likes these shoes because she "can run fast" in them.
And, you will be proud of me....I even bought her purple clothes instead of pink!
And, I will be saving the old pink shoes, I am putting them in a box with all her special baby stuff that I have saved.
And, don't let this cute face fool you, she is a sneaky little girl.
As I was getting dinner ready for the girls yesterday (chicken nuggets) Kate kept asking me for a cookie.
I said, "Not now, you can have one after dinner"
I put Claire in her high chair & turned around & Kate was nowhere to be found.
I opened the door to my parents kitchen pantry & there was Kate sitting on a stool eating a cookie!!!
I couldn't believe it! Totally caught her red handed.
I made her spit it out (and, I must admit, I was laughing inside because it was just so funny, but I didn't let her see me laugh).
She got a time out & we had a big discussion on obedience & obeying Mommy & Daddy.
This was the first time she had blatantly disobeyed me like that.
I hope this isn't the beginning of a new trend of her being sneaky...I want my little girl to stay sweet & innocent!


  1. Your girls are so cute. And you looked cute for your shower in San Diego. Busy busy.

    Love all of Kate's new shoes. Glad she's moving on from the flower shoes ok. :)

    Great pictures!

  2. First off, I want to know how I got stuck standing next to the darkest person in our group in that first picture. I am SO white compared to Julie!

    Second, yay for the shoes!

    Third, boo for the sneaky cookie move. I'm cracking up picturing you making her spit that cookie out though. So funny. :)

  3. Your girls are GORGEOUS! Cute shower. Also, the shoes are adorable!

  4. what a great weekend, but busy. i am so happy the girls are feeling better and the shoes are a non-issue!!!

    I can't wait to see your house...when are you moving in?
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I think I know what antibiotic your girls must have been on! My son had a horrible time with that one for an ear infection. We had to stop it as well and even then, it was days before his system was back to normal!

  6. HI!
    The shower looks super nice. so well coordinated!
    About antibiotics (from a RN) next time the girls get the medicine you really shouldnt' stop giving it to them until the course is done. Stopping to early will lead to resistace for antibiotics and will cause infections that will be untreatable with antibiotics in the future. The diarreas are a big hassel, but you just have to work through them and keep the girls well hydrated. , Love Sara the nurse

  7. Glad the girls are feeling better
    & so happy to see lots of pretty new shoes for Kate!
    Kenzie has the same converse pair I bought for her birthday :) Love them.

    Oh sneaky girls.
    Kenzie's super sneaky. She actually got stuck in the pantry (cause she can only occasionally make a door knob work)... she was trying to get to the fruit snacks.

  8. i LOVE shoe shots! your pictures are bright and fun!

  9. Wow, what a busy weekend you had! Looks like you all had a blast at your friend's very cute baby shower - I'd love to hop on a plane for $39 and take a day trip to San Diego! :) Yeah for the shoes! We have those same white sandals with the flower from Target. Hope the girls feel better very soon - poor little ones (and poor mommy and daddy!).

  10. Happy Mothers Day and what a FUN shower. I saw it over on her blog and just loved the thought put into it!

  11. Oh, boy. Sorry everyone is sick. NO fun! Looks like you guys have been super busy. So excited for you & your move, and how neat that you were able to head down south for the baby shower. Fun!


  12. That must be a universal phrase..."running fast shoes." We had running fast shoes for my oldest about 6 years ago. But, little converse... those rock! Super cute.

  13. I am still so SAD I missed meeting you at Heather's shower!!! How dare she plan it on Luke's birthday!!!!
    And in 6 weeks, I will no longer be a California girl!!! SIX WEEKS!!!!!!!

    Please tell me how you survived your move, because I am an emotional MESS. More so than usual. And that is a lot!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Your life is crazy. Let's just throw a housewarming party already.

  15. your pretty lucky that was the first time!!! wheewwww, if only I were as lucky!!! Ha Ha!!!! Glad you got her some new shoes and she agreed : D I know how that goes!!!! Fun times!! Hope you all recover well, this is a busy time but it will pass!!!

  16. I love Kate's new shoes and I think she looks adorable in purple. It is definately her color!

  17. Love the shoe selection! Anna is the same size as Kate! And the sneaky? Recently caught Kieran at my my mom's house having eaten an entire package of Pez. I caught him on the last one out of however many are in the package, like a million? Hate the sneaky!

  18. Love the shoes she picked out. And I laughed at you buying her something NOT PINK! I was totally like that with my girls too. My mom started to refuse to buy them anything pink!

    Oh sneaky girls...my Molly did that yesterday with a DIET COKE! and then put it back in the fridge open. I figured out her sneakiness when I put away the milk and spilled the open can of coke. SO.MAD. She felt super bad when she got caught. But I was still bummed.



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