Flashback Friday: Halloween Edition

Here are some pictures of from throughout the years on Halloween.....

1981: Mickey Mouse (age 2)
I am 2.5. My mom didn't have ANY pictures of my first 2 Halloweens!!!
She didn't even remember what she dressed me up as for those. I am such the 2nd child.
At least she took a picture of this gem. Isn't my costume great?
Red pj's, yellow rainboots & a plastic Mickey Mouse mask. Classy!
1982: Clown (age 3)
1983: Smurfette (age 4)
Gotta love the plastic costume. These were all the rage in the 80's!
1984: ???? (age 5)
I have no idea what I was SINCE THERE ARE NO PICTURES on Halloween, but here is one of me carving a pumpkin.
1985: Ballerina (age 6)
1987: Cheetah (age 8)
1988: French Maid (age 9)
1989: 50's girl (age 10)
My mom made my poodle skirt.
And, check me out with my awesome squash project. I won 2nd place in my elementary school's contest. I won a free ice cream cone at the snack shack.

1990: Rollerskating Clown (age 11)
This was my favorite costume because I got to wear roller skate ALL DAY at school. It was SO.MUCH. FUN! Here I am "skating" at our Elementary School Halloween Parade.
Ready to go Trick or Treating!
1994: Soccer Player (age 15)
Me and 10 of my friends dressed up as the Guy's soccer team at our high school. We borrowed their practice jersey's & shorts.
I am in the back row, 3rd from the left with the long hair!
1998: 80's girls (Sophomore Year of college)
1999: Flappers (Junior Year of college)
2006: Pregnant Nun (haha!)
(I was 6 months preggo with Kate)
Kevin is dressed up as a corporate softball player if you can't tell.
I wanted him to go as a priest, but that might have offended some people...
2007: Kate's first Halloween - Butterfly

2008: Dog & Cat
Kate the Poodle:
Claire the Kitty:

For last year's Halloween post, click HERE
2009: Stay Tuned.....


  1. I am loving 1983 and 2008 of course! Your girls are beautiful! I look forward to seeing what 2009 holds :)

  2. That is incredible that you have all those pictures! The rollerskating clown is hilarious. :) And Kate and Claire being a pink dog and cat-- way too cute. (And Boulder as a bee made me laugh out loud.)

    (P.S. Thanks for putting my Pear Tree logo on your blog!!!)

  3. this post is priceless! i am so impressed that you have all of these photos. And your kiddos are adorable this year.



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