"Trick Treat"

Happy Halloween! We had a great Halloween. I had to go back to work today, but it ended up being a good day to go back because it was Halloween.

We had a busy night. Auntie El came by to give Kate an Elmo trick or treat pail. It was a big hit, Kate loved it & carried it with her all night. Then we stopped by to say hi to Papa & Grandma Jill. After that we went to see their cousins, Alexis & Kyle. We then trekked over to the Mitchell's for a party & trick or treating. We didn't think Kate would go trick or treating. Boy, were we wrong. She LOVED it. It was so cute seeing her walking down the street in her costume saying "trick treat". She seemed like such a big girl, it made Kevin and I kinda sad! To end the night we stopped by Grandpa Jimmy & Mimi's house. It was such a fun night!

With Auntie El
The whole family

Kate & Claire with their cousins Kyle & Alexis

Kate Trick or Treating, it took her so long to decide what to pick..Rolo or Recees. She made the right choice...Recees.
Kate and Taylor eating their treats!

Kate at the end of the night crawling around like a dog.....can you say sugar high?

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