Halloween Fun!

We had such a FUN Halloween!
On Halloween Eve, we carved pumpkins.
and Watched The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown while we roasted pumpkin seeds
Kate was in awe of her jack o' lantern....
On Halloween morning Kate woke up asking if it was time to wear her costume & go trick or treating. We had a few things to do before it was time to trick or treat.
First, the girls got their costumes on & we headed to the Bostrom's Halloween party.
Introducing our Little Lady{bug} and our {very} Busy Bee:
The party was fun, Kate colored & decorated mini pumpkins.
Claire attempted to color, but was more interested in eating crayons.
Here are the girls waiting patiently in line for the pumpkin relay.
Right after the Bostrom's party, we headed to our neighboorhood Halloween Carnival.
Inside, there were crafts & treats galore.
Outside, there were carnival games,
Kate played a toss game,
Scoop the pumpkins,
And, the pumpkin toss (Uncle Dr. Mark was there to cheer her on!)
There was also a bounce house,
And, more treats like cotton candy, hot dogs & nachos!
Kate loved the Cotton Candy.
Kate got to cash in her prize tickets for a book!
After the carnival we went home & took naps.
Then it was time to go trick or treating!
Our first stop was Grandma & Papa's house:
Yay, a family picture! Almost everyone was looking at the camera..
Then we headed to Mimi's & Grandpa Jimmy's!
Claire was running around all night saying "Beeeeeeeeeee Beeeeeeeeeeee"
I think she liked her costume!
We went trick or treating to a few of their neighbor's.
Kate was eager & hot to trot!
Then we met up with the Holbrook's & Joyce's for more trick or treating!
How cute are all the kids in their costumes?
Claire the bee:
Tyler as Anakin Skywalker:
Nicole the princess:
Maddie as Snow White & Kate the Ladybug
(love Nicole's expression in this one!)
And, Sam as Dopey!
Trick or Treat!
Kate was SO into trick or treating this year. It was SO much fun to watch her run from house to house. She was so independent & didn't even wait for Kevin or I to go to the door with her.
I caught Kate dumping Claire's candy into her bucket. Busted!
Our friend Jenn passed out the best thing at her house...light swords that glow in the dark! Such a good idea!!
This is for you, Brian! We went trick or treating at your old house
(Kevin has fond memories of skateboarding in the empty pool & I have fond memories T.P.-ing this house!)
Taking a break on the sidewalk to eat some candy:
Home after a fun day! Baths taken, halloween pj's on & Kate is counting her candy!
Hope you all had a great Halloween! We sure did!


  1. Looks like your girls had a blast! The pictures are fab! Such sweet memories!

  2. I am so jealous of your beautiful pictures! I'm stealing your camera! The girls looked so adorable as usual! :)

  3. Kate and Claire are such cute bugs!!! The picture of Kate "hot to trot" is super funny. :) And stealing Claire's candy-- classic big sister move!

  4. Love, love, love, the picture of the two of them with the flowers in the background. And the hot to trot picture is classic. Also love the one of your little bee running. We watched The Great Pumpkin too :)

  5. That picture of Nicole by herself is precious! Great photos and a super fun night!

  6. gee thanks... You do realize my parent's had a rule that when our house got tp'd, i got grounded... so thanks... thanks for that..

  7. Must be nice to wear SHORT sleeves for Halloween. You couldn't even see my child's costume because she was bundled up in a huge winter coat. SO cold in STL!!! Cute pictures!!!!

  8. that's so funny that Kate knows how to work her big sister role...stealing candy from an unsuspecting baby

  9. Your girls are SO ADORABLE!!! I found your blog through Kelly's Korner when she did a party posts. I loved your daughters carnival party. I am looking to do that with my littlest girl for her 3rd birthday or I may do a bumble bee party. I'm visiting from AZ. Thanks for sharing :)



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