Magic Pajamas

When Kate was almost 10 months old (and still NOT sleeping through the night!) my mom got her these fleece pink zebra pajamas from Mervyns.
(FYI, I am still so sad they went out of business!)

Kate in the magic pajamas, circa 2007

The first night Kate wore these pajamas, she slept 12 hours straight!!! It was amazing. The next night, I put her in them again & she slept 12 hours again! Everytime she wore them, she would sleep through the night. Thus, they became known as the magic pajamas. I was constantly washing them because on the nights she didn't wear them, she would wake up. I don't know what it is about them, but they are magical. My mom tried to go get a few more pairs, but they were out!
When Claire was almost 8 months old, she still wasn't consistently sleeping through the night & then I remembered about the magic pajamas! I was reluctant to use them because they are fleece & it was May & the weather was warm, but I was desperate for sleep. I grabbed them from the bin, washed them and put her in them. And, what do you know? She slept 12 hours straight! Then summer came, and I stopped putting her in them because it was WAY too hot for fleece pj's.
Claire continued to sleep well without them magic pajamas, but then we went to Tahoe & I forgot the magic pajamas and brought another pair instead. (My girls sleep terrible when we travel). Well, each night of our trip to Tahoe, Claire was up every 2 hours. Ugh. It was awful! I couldn't believe I forgot the magic pajamas!

The past few nights it has really cooled down, so out came the magic pajamas! The past 2 days she has slept until almost 8 am! I owe it all to the magic pajamas & the black out shades we put in.

I will be bringing these with us when we go to Pebble Beach & our next trip to Tahoe.
I just wish I had a pair that fit Kate!


  1. Tessa has to have her feet covered. She is always in warm PJ's. She sleeps when she is in fleece once too. I have tried to put her in light pj's on hot nights but if they don't have feet, she wakes up. Crazy kids!

  2. Way too funny... although I was giggling at the title of the post "Magic Pajamas" before I even read it. :) I'll send some of Mason's sleeping mo-jo your way!

  3. That's awesome! When they both outgrow the magic pajamas you should make them each a magic blanket to sleep with!

  4. so, I told Adam about this and he is convinced you wash these in ether.

  5. That is so strange! Strange about the pjs and strange that they both have had such problems sleeping...poor you!

    I've not seen Wicked yet, but your response to it is basically what I've heard everyone say. Guess we'll put it on our list. Always good to have a reason to go to NYC!



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