Everybody Loves a Parade

Especially in our town!

The parade here is quite the event & brings out over 40,000 people each year.
(We live in a quiet suburb in Northern California)

If you aren't from my town/neighboring town, you probably won't see the humor in this post, but it amuses me SO much how people think they are so entitled to their parade"spot".

But to those who read this blog & are from here, you will appreciate this!

People get INSANE about setting up their chairs in their "spots".


No joke, people would start setting up their chairs on the night of July 2nd, for the 4th of July parade. 2 days early!!!! Ridiculous!!

I really want to write a mock-umentary about our town's parade...(Kinda like the movie, Waiting for Gufman)

A few years ago, our town finally put in an ordinance that you couldn't put up chairs until 6pm on July 3rd. But, that doesn't stop the crazies. My sister was downtown today at 1 pm & people were taping off their chair spots & then other people would come by and take the tape down because it was too early to claim their area, and they would put their own chairs down & sit in them (I think you can set out chairs earlier than that & sit in them until 6, you just can't put out your chairs & leave until 6).


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the 4th of July. It is one of my favorite days of the year. I have gone to the parade every year that I can remember. I haven't missed one in 25 years. But, I will have you know that we never set up chairs the night before! We walk down to the parade & don't stay in one area, because we like to meet up with a few groups of friends. And, I mostly go to the parade for the social aspect & to run into people, the parade itself is not too exciting (even though it is over 3 hours long....)

One of my favorite things to do is to drive the downtown strip the evening of July 3rd to see all the chairs. I took pictures today of it, but the pictures don't even do it justice. You really need to see it in person.
Just picture a downtown area over a mile long with thousands of chairs lining the streets.
Classic. Only in our town...
And, some people even rope off their areas!
Kevin & I made a promise that we will never stoop to this level & reserve seats the day before the parade!
Hope you all have a great 4th of July!


  1. so funny. it's like our concerts in the park! they finally banned putting blankets down the day before. it gets CRAZY! have fun at the parade!

  2. That's the funniest thing I've seen in quite awhile. Thanks for the smile!

  3. Aren't people insane about that stuff?! We have quite the parade in our neighborhood too: www.eastsacmom.wordpress.com

    It was my first year going though, so much fun!

  4. You need to write a movie! That is hilarious.....

  5. What a fun post!! I love all your pictures!! Your blog is too cute! Happy Friday!

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