Happy 60th Birthday Jimmy!

It's my dad's 60th birthday!

To celebrate Jimmy's birthday we went with family & friends to Campo di Bocce, which is what Jimmy wanted to do.
(yes, my sisters and I call our Dad, Jimmy and have for about 10 years!)
Jimmy thought it was just going to be my mom, sisters, Kevin & Tim, but we surprised him with having some friends there also! It was so fun & Jimmy was very surprised!

It was a great way to kick-off the 4th of July weekend.
Good food, good wine, great company & lots of laughs!

Earlier this week, I had fun looking through some of his photo albums from growing up!
I think this one looks a little like Kate:
Jimmy looks like such an innocent boy, but my aunts & uncles tell us otherwise! He was quite the jokester growing up (and still can be!)
Go Navy! Jimmy grew up as a Navy Brat, my grandfather was in the Navy & growing up Jimmy lived all over the USA and also in Morocco & Spain.
Jimmy always has a smile & I don't think I have ever seen him angry in my life!
(probably because his daughters were are such angels!)
Don't shoot your eye out:
Mischievous Jimmy:
In this one, I see a resemblance of me as a little girl:
Jimmy, age 13:
Jimmy is, hard working, patient & kind.
He can fix anything....
cars, computers, plumbing, you name it, Jimmy can fix it!
He is "Jimmy the Sausage King"
Glad we could celebrate YOU today!
Thanks for being such an awesome Grandpa, Dad and friend!
We love you!

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