Thumb War

One. Two. Three. Four.
I declare a THUMB WAR!

Claire vs. Mommy

Claire is 7 months old. She REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wants to be a thumb sucker.
But, *I* don't want her to be a thumb sucker. Maybe because my mom told me she sucked her thumb until she was in kindergarten & that thought has traumatized me.
I gladly give her the pacifier. My thought is that you can take the pacifier away, but you can't take away the thumb. I don't want her sucking her thumb until she is 5 years old. (the germs! ack!)
Kate was never interested in her thumb. She sometimes took a pacifier until she was a year old & then I threw them all away.

Claire is perfectly happy with her pacifier, but every once in awhile I see her sneak her thumb & I promptly replace it with the pacifier. I am such a mean Mommy.

I have a feeling this battle is not over yet.
Wish me luck.


  1. good luck. I am with you on all of it. So far we have been lucky enough to be a pacifier family. But then it falls on the DMV floor... even though it is my 3rd kid I still clean it. I am such a good Mom.

  2. Bella still sucks her thumb when she sleeps...there really is no way to keep her from it. I hope you win the thumb war early on!! LOL She is the only one. Aidan used a pacifier until he was 2 and Cara's had to be taken right after she turned one, along with all her bottles, because of recurring ear infections.

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