7 months

Claire Bear is 7 months old!
She weighs 15 lbs 15 oz (10th %)
She is 26.75 inches tall (between 50-75th %)

She is a rolling machine.
All she wants to do is roll and roll and roll.
She hasn't started crawling yet.
(thank goodness, Kate was an early crawler at just before 6 months)
But the past few nights she has woken up in the middle of the night crying, in the crawling position and kicking her legs against the crib mattress. It is pathetic & cute at the same time!
Claire is sitting up well & it is fun to see her play with her toys while she sits up unassisted.
Claire loves all her solid food. She has tried almost all the fruits & veggies and she loves them all. She has 2 solid meals a day (late morning & evening).
These meals haven't seemed to help her sleep through the night...she is still waking 1-2 times a night. *sigh*

She is still one of the happiest & easy going babies I have ever met!
Kate & Claire love each other & Claire giggles whenever Kate interacts with her or brings her toys. She is such a joy & we are so blessed to have her in our lives.

Here is the comparssion picture between Kate & Claire at 7 months.
When I was looking through all Kate's old pictures I was shocked to see pictures & videos of Kate pulling herself to a stand at 7 months! There was a picture of Kate standing in her crib..crazy! I can't imagine Claire doing that at this age. I am so glad she isn't an early mover like Kate. I want my baby to STAY a baby!


  1. I remember hoping Ethan would be a really late crawler & walker too; keeping up with one toddler was hard enough and I didn't know if I could do two, especially if they were moving different directions! Shall I mail you some rolls of tape incase you too need some creative ways of containing your children :-)

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