PSA: Wear Sunscreen & Get your Skin Checked

A little over a week ago, I had my annual skin check at my dermatologist. 
I go every year for skin checks because this Irish/Scottish/English girl spent too much time in the sun in my teen years & 20's. 
I wasn't the best about sunscreen back then. All those years in the California (and Colorado) sun playing soccer without sunscreen was a bad idea.
Because of this, I have had a few basal cell skin cancer spots removed on my shoulder & back. 
I've had several pre-cancerous spots removed on my face. 
At my appointment a week ago I had a spot on my nose removed for biopsy & I got the news a few days ago that it was a Basal Cell Skin Cancer.  I have to have surgery at the end of this week to get it fully removed next week. I'm praying they don't have to go too deep.
If you see me the next 6 weeks, I will have a bandage on my nose because the surgeon told me I have to keep it covered for that long in order for it to heal & not get infected.
Consider this my PSA to go get annual skin checks, wear sunscreen EVERYDAY and make sure you put sunscreen on your kids. I wish I was better about this when I was younger. 

I posted this photo last week on FB and IG as on RFGoNaked Day.
Every year, Rodan + Fields challenges people to take a make up free selfie.
For every make up free selfie that was posted that day, RF donated $1 to Build On, which provides afterschool programs to keep underprivileged kids off the streets. 
I am happy to announce that last week over ONE MILLION people posted a make up free selfie, so RF is donating $100 MILLION dollars to Build On. I love that RF partners with this organization!
 I am so proud to be a part RF Go Naked Make Up Free Selfie Day every year. 

I'm not going to lie...it was not as easy for me to post this today or to post it on RFGoNaked Selfie Day because of the wound on my nose that I have from my skin cancer biopsy, but I want to keep it real and this is my reality right now.
At least the rest of my skin & my lashes look good thanks to using RF products for the past 4 years :)
My dermatologist commented on how good my skin has done since I started using RF & taking care of it the past several years. 
I wish I would have taken better care of my skin when I was in my teens & 20s.
It's not too late to start taking care of your skin!
Consider this your PSA to get your skin checked and to also wear sunscreen, especially on your face...DAILY!

Because I am so passionate about this, I am have a sunscreen sale now this week.
For every regimen you buy, I will give you the sunscreen portion of your regimen for FREE!
Yes, that's right....FREE! This is up to a $60 savings depending on what regimen you need.
I want YOU to start taking care of your skin! 
Like all our products, this offer comes with a 60 day, empty bottle, 100% money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose!
What's your biggest skin concern? I am here to help!

We have products for all skin types.
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The essentials items to choose from are:
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*All Rodan + Fields sunscreen products meet the FDA’s criteria to be labeled broad spectrum. This means they offer proportionate UVA and UVB protection and may be labeled for protection against early skin aging and skin cancer.
*All Rodan +Fields Sunscreens are OXYBENZONE FREE!
*All Rodan + Fields sunscreens have been awarded the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation. This designation is only granted to sun protection products that meet stringent criteria and provide scientific data to demonstrate that the product sufficiently and safely aids in the prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin.

Please, please, please make sure you lather up yourself & your kids this summer.
And, make sure your daily moisturizer has SPF in it.  It needs to be an SPF greater than 15.
You would be surprised how much sun damage adds up from being outside just a few minutes at a time through out the day.
Protect your skin from those harmful rays!


  1. Thank you for being brave and posting this. I am calling my dermatologist tomorrow morning and making an appointment. I've put it off for too long. And, I am emailing you about a regimen. I need to start taking care of my skin!
    - Carly

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