Hola, Cancun!

At the end of April,  Kevin and I headed to Cancun for 5 days.
I am finally getting a chance to blog about since I am officially on Summer Break now!
Finals are graded, Report Cards are done & my classroom is cleaned up.
I am going to catch up on somethings I have been meaning to blog & this trip is one of them.
I wanted to make sure I blogged it in case some of you are heading to Cancun this summer.
This was a free trip I earned with R+F and I was able to bring a guest, so Kevin was really excited to come! Thank you RF for this trip and another thank you goes to my customers & team who were also a part of me earning this trip.
We stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Cancun and when we arrived, RF had us check in & then they gave us these adorable bags.
 The bags were filled with some goodies:
I love the blankets/towels that they got us. They are Siestas for Fiestas and each blanket provides Christmas dinner for a family living in poverty in Cancun. What a great cause.

 Here is our room:
 We had an awesome ocean view & view of the pool.
 So beautiful:

The water in Cancun is stunning.
The first night we got there they had a Welcome Party for us.
This is Lori, we are on the same team & she earned this trip also.
My dress (comes in several colors!!) // Sandals // Earrings

They had the prettiest bar set up:
Who knew a bar could be so pretty?
 The decorations & flowers were gorgeous!
Each table had beautiful flowers on it:
They had most of the dinner tables set up on the beach.
Swings on the beach? Why not?
Did we swing on the swings? Nope....just a photo prop :)
They set up fire pits & pillows for people to sit on.
It was such a fun night.
The next day was an excursion day, but not until the afternoon.
 We hung out in the morning & grabbed some fish tacos at the poolside bar for lunch. 
Best fish tacos ever...the fish was caught in the morning!
For our excursion, we went to Emotions Native Park for ATV rides, Zipling & Swimming in a Cenote.
This was my first time riding an ATV:
Kevin, ready to go!
We weren't allowed to have phones with us for safety reasons, but they had a photographer there so these are all the photos from the staff photographer.
Ready to roll!
  It was SO dusty on the ATV ride!
At some points I could barely see because of all the dust...but it sure was fun!
The ATV ride was through the Mayan Jungle, it was so pretty....right before we went over this bridge, we saw a family of monkeys in the trees above us. We stopped to check them out, it was so cool seeing them swing from branch to branch.
After the ATV ride, we were SOOOOO dusty & dirty. 
We then walked over to do a traditional Mayan ceremony before we went zip lining & into the centoe. 
You need to have permission & a blessing since it is on sacred ground.
It was really neat.

Our group ready to zip line!
Getting hooked up to zipline.
We were pretty high up in the trees.
So fun to zipline over the jungle
After we ziplined, we walked over to the Centoe. A Centoe is an underwater cave. There are thousands of centoes in Mexico in the Maya Jungle. Per Mayan custom, we had to shower off before we were allowed to go into the cenote.
I told some of the girls that I felt like we were on an espisode of the Bachelor, because I am pretty sure that during one of the seasons they went swimming in a Cenote in Mexico.
After we swam in the Cenote, we walked over to another Centoe but we didn't swim in this one. They showed it to us because there are hundreds of bats living in it.....EWWWW!!! They kept flying all around.
After that Cenote they brought us back for a traditional Mayan meal. It was DELICIOUS!
If you are in Cancun/Playa Del Carmen and are looking for a fun outing, I HIGHLY recommend this! We had a great time & the staff was incredible. We felt super safe the whole time. 

 We got back to our hotel as the sun was setting.
The way that Hotel Zone in Cancun is situated, the sunset isn't over the ocean, so this is from the front of our hotel.
After we got back to the hotel, we cleaned up & got ready for dinner.
How cute is my clutch? I found it at a gift shop in the hotel! 

We had dinner at the D-Lounge at the hotel, yummy sliders & plantains.
I loved that the Ritz has several dinning options on site, that way we didn't have to go off property.
So, there you have it...a recap of Days 1 & 2.
The recap of the 2nd half of our trip is coming soon!  


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time. Congrats on the achievement with R + F

  2. Ah I just did the ziplines and centoes around Playa Del Carmen this past April too! They were so fun! Liking your outfits for the first two days!

  3. Gosh, what an amazing getaway! Can’t wait to read more

  4. I really like the photos, they are parents. Do you hear the tours in Cancun are expensive?

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