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February has been a fun month, here is an update of our life lately.
We kicked off our February in Tahoe over Superbowl weekend.
Not much snow...it was like Spring skiing.

Kate is like me...she said "I don't like skiing when it's warm out...I want to be cold" LOL.

Last winter was so epic.... Here is comparison from when we were there Superbowl weekend 2017 & this year during Superbowl weekend.
View of our deck last year:

This year:

Last year:

This year:

It's SO sad. California is on track for the dryest February EVER.
We need a Miracle March full of rain & snow so we don't have a drought...AGAIN.

Speaking of the Super Bowl....Did you watch This is Us after the Superbowl?
 I was shaking I was crying so hard. And then another brutal episode 48 hours later.
It starts back up on Tuesday...I need to brace myself.

Speaking of TV shows....Are you watching the Bachelor this season?
There is a group of 10 of us who watch it together every week & take turns hosting it.
 I look forward to Monday nights with my girls! I hosted last week & had a little Valentine's theme going on for the treats:
Last year for my birthday, one of my friends got me that wine glass that says "Will you accept this rose?"
 I drink wine out of it on Mondays :)

Last week we celebrated Un-Valentine's Day.
Kevin and I got engaged 16 years ago on February 15th, the day after Valentine's Day.
We were babies!!!!!
You can read about our Un-Valentine's Engagement HERE.

 Not so much babies anymore! But, I am thankful for Rodan + Fields that helps keep my skin looking younger :)

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This past weekend, for the 3 day President's Day weekend we originally had planned to go skiing in Tahoe. But, we have no snow, so decided to stay home & do some Bay Area adventures.
  Napa & Sonoma in February is so pretty because of the mustard that grows:

We enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather over Presidents Day & went wine tasting:

We love this winery because it is family friendly & beautiful.

We grabbed sandwiches from one of our favorite spots in Sonoma, Sunflower Cafe.
Kevin got the Turkey Pesto sandwich:

I got the Avocado, Goat Cheese, Roasted Tomato & Bacon Sandwich.

I will be re-creating this at home!!

Remember last Spring Break when I took the kids on a Road Trip to Santa Barbara by myself & we visited 10 of the 21 California Missions? You can read about it HERE.
 It was SO fun. Since we were in town over Presidents Day, we decided to visit 2 more missions here in the Bay Area that we hadn't visited yet.
Our first stop was  the Sonoma Mission, also known as Mission San Francisco Solano.
This is the final California Mission that was built & the end of the Mission Trail, but for us, it was Mission #11 of 21
This Mission is right off the square in downtown Sonoma.

End of the Mission Trail...but for us we still have several Missions to visit.
If you are on Instagram, you can follow our mission trips with the hashtag #larsoncaliforniamissionadventures

The next mission we visited was Mission San Rafael.
It is right in the middle of a downtown area and it still holds church services & mass. In fact our precious neighbors got married there 57 years ago!
 We loved this Mission because it’s pink.
This was Mission #12 of 21.
We are going to see a couple more Northern California ones this Spring Break and then next year when Claire is a 4th grader, my plan is for us to visit the rest of the Missions (which are all in Southern California)

This past weekend we also visited the California Missions Museum.
It is in Sonoma at a winery & has replicas of all the California Missions.
The stained glass was taken from Mission Dolores in San Francisco (where Kevin's grandma has a brick because she used to play there)

Have you heard of Rothy's shoes?
They are adorable flats and so comfortable...and the soles are made from recycled water bottles.

They come in 2 different styles.....traditional rounded toe ballet flat:
 Or, pointed ballet flat:
These are just a few of the desgins/color choices. They come in TONS of colors.
These are the ones I have:
I am ordering these ones next:
My favorite flats were the Tory Burch Caroline Ballet flats, but they are discontinued, so I have been on the hunt for new flats that are comfortable & stylish. I am not a fan of Tieks, but Rothy's? I love them! If you use this link, you get $20 off your order!
Click HERE to check out all their cute shoes!

In 2017, I only ran 10 times...the entire year.
 In 2018, I vowed to run more. Didn’t run once in January. Oops.
Once February arrived, I decided no more excuses. 
Plus, it has been in the 70’s most of the month, so it has been so great to be outside enjoying the amazing weather.
So far this month, I have gone running 12 times. 
 I forgot how much I love running. It truly is good for my soul. Now, I just need to sign up for a race....I’m more motivated to run when I have something to train for...anyone else like that? 

This week here in the Bay Area we have been having a swarm of Earthquakes. Not fun!!!
They have been ranging from 2.0-3.5 on the Richter Scale. 
 Most of them have been in the middle of the night and they have been waking us (and the kids up!) Oh the joys of living in California. 
We have amazing weather....but we also have Earthquakes!

Happy Friday & Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Growing up in the Northeast, California Missions weren't really on our radar in school so it's really interesting to read all about them now. Sounds like a really fun family adventure. :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Well that's what I get for commenting super early in the morning... I thought I'd feel slightly vindicated by addressing the fact that writing the above post with an overabundance of the word "really" is making the English teacher in me cringe. And instead I just messed up something else, ha ha ha! TGIF!



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