Ugly Christmas Sweater Party {2017}

Before we had kids Kevin and I used to host an Ugly Sweater Party each December.
But then, life got busy and we stopped throwing the party.
Our friends encouraged us to have it again this year.
Who am I to say no to a party?

Can we talk about my Ugly Sweater (really a sweatshirt)
I mean....was this made for me or what?!?!
I saw it a month ago on some Facebook ad & I had to have it. I knew it would be perfect for our party. Mine is sold out, but HERE are ones just like it!

I had to "ugly" it up, so I wore a Christmas turtleneck from Walmart under it.
I got the light up Reindeer antlers in NYC when we saw the Rockettes.

For the party, I had a bunch of heavy appetizers.
I made my Blue Cheese Bacon Dip {Recipe HERE}
 I made a Veggie Christmas Tree & served it with hummus:
 Brie Cheese & Crackers

Tri Tip Sliders:

 Spinach Dip:

 Pioneer Woman's Artichoke Dip:

 Pesto & Goat Cheese Flat Bread:
 BBQ Pulled Pork Flat Bread:
 It's not a Christmas Party if you don't have Schweddy Balls ;)
 These are actually my Savory Teriyaki Turkey Meatballs. Recipe {HERE}

Drink Station set up in the kitchen.

See that pitcher? It was a Cranberry Spritzer....Cranberry Juice, Diet 7up, Vodka. I garnished it with fresh cranberries. SO good!

No party is complete without a dessert table!

Kate made a rainbow loom Christmas sweater ornament for the Christmas tree on our kitchen table:

For the desserts, I bought some mini bunditinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes:

I made Peanut Butter Ritzies. {Recipe HERE}

Can we talk about how AMAZING these Ugly Sweater cookies turned out?
 I got them HERE
 The Ugly Sweater Party was also a competition!
 There were 4 categories...Best All Around, Funniest Sweater, Most Creative & Best Couple.
 I had medals made for the winners. It says 1st Annual Party because the last Ugly Sweater Party was over 8 years ago, so we are resurrecting the annual party this year.
 I got the medals HERE. The Winners also got a gift card to Total Wine :)

 I am so bummed I didn't get photos of everyone who was at the party & their amazing sweaters, but here are some of them....
 Our friend Erik wore his mother in laws sweater. Classic!

  Some of the winners...
I am SO bummed I didn't get a photo of our friend Mike who won Best All Around. He dressed up as Buddy the Elf. Full costume including the wig! It was hysterical!

One of my best friends since preschool was in town (she lives in Santa Barbara & they came up here because of all the fires) Loved that she was able to come to our party.
About half the ladies...I was so bad about taking photos at the party, too busy having fun!

It was such a fun night, thanks to all of our friends for getting ugly with us! 
Can't wait for next year's Ugly Sweater Party! 


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  1. You have given me an idea for next christmas! Who knew there were actual medals for ugly sweaters!

  2. The link to the cookies is not working.

  3. Could you please link or give the recipe for the pesto goat cheese flatbread ?

  4. Hi! How much is lash boost by itself?

  5. Dying of laughter all over again! My mom’s sweater! Bwahaha! Catching up on your blog, such a fun party! Wait until next year when Erik wears one of his mom’s sweaters! Haha!

  6. I wanna attend your parties! Looks like it was a lot of fun. Those sweaters crack me up.

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