10 on 10 :: December 2017

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}
The 10th was Sunday, so here is a sneak peek of our day.
Our Elf finally made his appearance on Sunday morning. The past few years I have delayed our Elf arriving. He leaves a note in early December letting the kids know he is part of the N.E.T.P....New Elf Training Program & he is off training other elves ;)
Candle the Elf brought them these amazing Lego Advent Calendars. These are SO fun!! First year we have done these...my kids love Legos & this kept them entertained all morning. 

Then I made the kids pancakes from scratch. I need to share my pancake recipe....I just perfected it....they are light & fluffy and SO good!!!
 I have been on a mission to make pancakes like you get at a restaurant. So yummy! 

Then we watched the 49er game....while we were watching the game, our kids were working on a skit/play. They made up a skit for "Grandma got run over by a reindeer". It was hysterical.
I don't know about your kids, but ours love making up skits/dances and then performing them for us. They do this all the time. Love it.

Then it was time to see Santa.  I miss the years of when they were younger and I had them in cute, matching outfits and they were scared of Santa & cried.
 Now, they wear whatever they want & are all smiles. Sigh. 

Then Kate & I headed to see The Nutcracker with her Girl Scout troop. We went a little early to get coffee/hot chocolate. I needed a little pick me up because we hosted an Ugly Sweater Party Saturday Night and some of our friends didn't leave until after 1am! 
 I tried the Holiday Spice Latte from Peet's. It was good! It's a vanilla latte with holiday spices...it tasted like Christmas :)

The Nutcracker was great! 

 After the Nutcracker, Kate and I stopped by the grocery store. I needed to get a few things for the week & the kids requested my homemade spaghetti sauce for dinner, so I needed to get ingredients.
 The sky was so pretty as we left the store. 65 degrees today...gotta love December in California.

 While I made dinner, the kids took baths/showers. Dinner is served...yum!

We watched The Polar Express before bed. Love this movie!
 Kids in bed and then it was dessert time...leftover mini Nothing Bundt Cakes from Saturday Night's Ugly Sweater Party.

It was a great 10th!
Hope you also had a great weekend!
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  1. Ah! I love these 10!!! This season makes me so happy!!

  2. I❤️Holiday Spice lattes this time of year! And we see the big guy tonight. My kiddos have been counting down the minutes!!

  3. Love these pics! So festive and fun! Going to the Nutcracker was one of my mom and I’s traditions!

  4. I am at our beach house this week and todays high is 81. Yikes. I am already ready to head back to Tulare and get that cold weather. It is so short lived I want to take advantage of wearing my cold weather clothes!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

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