Loving Lately // August 2017

Before I start this post, I would like to mention that my thoughts & prayers are going out for all of you who live in the Houston area. I have a lot of friends who live in Houston and seeing all the destruction on the news and on my friends Facebook pages is devastating. 
It has been scary to watch, and I can't imagine how horrific it has been to live through. My heart aches for those who have damage to their homes & neighborhoods and for those who have lost their homes. Know that we are praying for you.
For those who don't live in Houston, join me in praying for Houston & the state of Texas and consider donating to one of these organizations, there is a great list of charities listed {HERE}

It's time for another round of Loving Lately!
I am going to do this once a month & they have a color theme.
January was gray, February was pink, March was green , April was  yellow/gold, May was coral, June was Aqua/Turquoise and July was white and August is Black & White, mostly black & white stripes...I just seem drawn to that lately.

Here is this month's Loving Lately....

// ONE //
I need a new school bag and I am being so indecisive on which one I want to order. I posted these on my IG a few months ago, but I still haven't made a decision. I know!!!!

There are tons of other colors/patterns available, but I want something that matches most of my clothes since this will be an everyday bag for school & something I won't get sick of. I will have this bag for a few years. Which one do you like best?!? I'm so indecisive!
 {The brown leather square will have my initials engraved on it}
Which one do you like?
The bags are from {HERE}
// TWO //
Have you had Rx Bars before?
I discovered them this summer and I am LOVING them....especially the Sea Salt Flavor.
You can find them at Trader Joe's, but I buy them in bulk here.
I have a bar for breakfast each day and these are delicious and filling!

// THREE //
How cute is this shirt?
I got it HERE earlier this month.
I love the ruffle sleeves. And I love that it was only $25!
So many cute things for great prices.

// FOUR //
I also got this shirt earlier last month in myStitch Fix
Told you I am loving black and white stripes! I have so much of it in my wardrobe!
I love the pop of floral on this shirt.

// FIVE //
I am also LOVING this Black & White Stripe Shirt
I got it at the Nordstrom Sale in July. 
It comes in 5 colors. I also have it in the gray/white stripe.
You can check them out HERE.
 // SIX //
I have talked about these jeans before, but I have to mention them again because I LOVE them.
I have them in several styles and I love that they are under $40!
Right now they are on sale and you can get them for under $25. Such a deal!

You can get the black ones {HERE}
The black ones don't fade....I love that!

They also have distressed ones in black {HERE}

Another thing I like about them is that they come in tall! Yes!!! (They also come in petite)

You can get the white ones HERE
They are thick enough that they aren't see through....a great quality to have when wearing white pants :)
// SEVEN //
 On Thursday we celebrated 15 years of marriage!
Such much has happened since August 24, 2002 when two clueless 20-somethings said "I do". 3 houses, 3 kids & 1 dog. There have been good times, there have been bad times. There has been a lot of laughter, there have been a lot of tears. I could not ask for more.
I love this wedding photo of us. 15 years ago it was "on trend" to have black and white wedding photos...this was back in the day of film. Half our photos are black & white, the rest are color.

// EIGHT //
In honor of 15 years of marriage, we had a quick weekend getaway to one of our favorite places...Half Moon Bay!
Here I am, wearing black & white again....I told you, I am loving it lately!
Shirt {HERE}  & Jeans {HERE}

// NINE //
Did you have these shoes in high school? 
 I did!

I love that they are back in style! 
They are perfect with cropped distressed jeans & a casual tshirt or you can wear them with a solid black dress & denim jacket for a cute & casual look!

You can get them {HERE}
They also come in kid sizes {HERE}

// TEN //
I am loving Swell Water bottles!
I am always trying to drink more water.
A cute waterbottle helps ;)
How cute is this one?
You can get it here or here.

So, there you have it....some lovely black & white  things I have been Loving Lately.
What have you been Loving Lately? 

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 What's Up Wednesday would normally be tomorrow, but Shay, Sheaffer and I have decided to postpone it until NEXT Wednesday out of respect for what's going on in Houston.


  1. Thank you for using your blog as a platform to help Texas! My family and I have been very fortunate to somehow escape all of the devastation in our city, and I just can't fathom how the rest of the city begins to recover- it is absolute madness here. I have wanted to try the RX bars but haven't tried them yet because of the calorie count. Do you feel like they fill you up really well since they are higher in calories than bars like Think Thin?

  2. All the bags are cute! But I love #4 and I have it but with a colored monogram. You can't go wrong with any of them and the quality is amazing. I also had those shoes in high school!

  3. I like the black and white striped Barrington bag. It's so hard to go wrong with black and white. Timeless!

  4. I am also loving those RX bars! So yummy!

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