Loving Lately // January 2017

I thought it would be fun to introduce a new series once a month called Loving Lately.
Once a month, I will post about things I am loving lately!
Here are some things I have been loving lately....

// ONE //
I am loving this nail polish color. It has been my go-to nail polish color for the past few weeks. It's a perfect grey!
 This is my favorite type of nail polish because if you use the base coat & top coat, I have found that it doesn't chip for about a week!!!
I have 7 colors, but it comes in 65 different colors! I am telling you, this nail polish is the best!

// TWO //
My girlfriends and I watch the Bachelor together every Monday & we are doing the ESPN fantasy league. We had to pick a screen name for that & mine is “NOPE” because Nick is a big NOPE.
I am not on Team Nick...this is your 4th time being on one of these shows...NOPE.
Let someone else have a turn!
I ordered this Nope Shirt from here.
I will be wearing it every Monday night when I watch Nick's season of the Bachelor :)

// THREE //
These booties....absolutely loving them....so comfortable!
And, not too big of a heel #tallgirlproblems

They are on sale right now, you can save 15%.
They come in 8 colors. I have 2 colors, check them out here.

// FOUR //
Oh, the Instant Pot.
You are going to hear me talk about this A LOT.
I am obsessed.

I got mine in the Fall & I am shocked about how awesome it is.
It is way better than a crock pot.
I have posted two Instant Pot recipes so far...Korean Beef and Grammy's Split Pea Soup.
I am on a mission to convert all my favorite recipes to Instant Pot recipes....stay tuned!
I have the 6 quart, but the 8 quart is on sale right now for $30 off!

// FIVE //
One of my favorite things I am loving lately is planning Kate's birthday party that is this weekend!
Can you guess the theme?
I got those cute glitter picks here.
I can't believe she will be 10!!!!!
Stay tuned for the party post next week!

// SIX //
I finally started this book....Hope Heals.

Last Spring, our church had a women's dinner and Katherine Wolf and her husbands were the speakers....they were amazing. I loaned out her book and forgot about it...now I have it back and started reading it. Such an inspirational story!
Speaking of books....check out my post about the 60 books I read in 2016 here.
Any other book nerds out there?

// SEVEN //
I am loving the look of this Fit Bit bracelet.
I've had my eye on it for a few months because I think it looks better than the rubber fit bit cover. Does anyone have this? Thoughts? Do you like it?

// EIGHT //
These grey jeans are so comfortable & they are long enough!

I have been loving wearing grey jeans this winter...so versatile! And, they are on sale!

// NINE //
If grey jeans aren't your thing, try these grey cords! I got these last year & they are so soft and comfortable.

They are  on sale & under $35. Such a great deal, get them here.

// TEN //
The final thing I am loving lately is the rain....here is our forecast....I love it!
As you know, California has been in a big drought for the past 5 years, so all of this rain is welcome. 
 They are lifting drought restrictions throughout the state, so that is great news!

As I just looked back at things I am loving lately, for this month..... I noticed that they had a theme....they were all grey/silver in color. Ha!
I don't know if my Loving Lately will always have a color theme, but this month there is one....grey & silver!

What have you been loving lately?


  1. I've been wanting a NOPE shirt, too, but I found mine at Target a few weeks ago.

  2. Love your "loving lately" series. I always get such great ideas! Have a happy Friday!

  3. Can't wait to see what kind of cake your mother in law makes for the party! I'm loving that my students got mixed into different classes this semester, and it's the BEST mix ever! Teacher life!

  4. Whoa, a book I've read before you? Impossible! Hahahaha! You'll be done in a day or two, I was glued. It's an amazing read.

  5. HA! We have the opposite problem. You can't find pants long enough, I can't find them short enough #shortgirlprobs
    Have a great weekend Mel!!!

  6. I recently saw a Kate Spade bracelet that counts steps and I was all kinds of heart eye emoji! I'm still stuck with my silly black rubber Fit Bit for now though.

  7. Not a Nick fan either. He's just kind of yuck and he's enjoying Corinne a little too much. If I was one of the other girls I would have walked a while ago. I hope his little sister isn't watching.



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