2016 Fall TV Line Up!

 One of my favorite things about the Fall is the new Fall TV schedule comes out!
Shows have their season premiers and we find out what new shows are premiering.
No more re-runs.
We get to find out what happened in our favorite shows after months since the Season Finales!

I get so excited when they announce the new shows & the Fall TV Premiere dates...this week is when most of the new shows are premiering!

What I love to do at the end of the day is just sit down with a glass of wine & zone out in front of the TV.
How about you?
Get ready.....Let's talk TV! 

Monday Night Football
I LOVE Monday Night Football!

2 Broke Girls is also on Monday nights, but I broke up with that show last year, I just couldn't get into anymore.

Of course, in January I will be watching The Bachelor. Not thrilled that Nick is the bachelor, but of course I will still watch :)

New Shows on Mondays that I will check out:
Kevin can Wait...I like Kevin James, so I think this will be funny. It's about a  newly retired cop who is supporting his daughter & her fiance.

I also want to see Conviction...it is about a lawyer investigating people who were wrongly convicted.

 I  play on a co-ed indoor soccer team on Monday nights, so anything I want to watch on Monday goes on the DVR. Plus, we have Monday Night Football to watch!

New Girl is on Tuesdays, this show started off really funny....I hope this season redeems itself from previous seasons.

New Shows I want to watch on Tuesdays:
They have been showing clips of this show since May...it has the Parenthood vibe...I have very high hopes for this show....I hope it doesn't let me down.

We love Goldbergs! 
New shows on Wednesdays I will check out:
This is airing right after Goldbergs, so I will for sure try it out.
It stars Minnie Driver (who kind of bugs me) but this show looks good, it's about a family with a special needs son who has cerebral palsy (the actor has it in real life as well)
The trailer looks good, so I am going it give it a try!

Thursday night  is PACKED with AMAZING shows!!
TGIT is for real!
Last Fall, I started watching Grey's Anatomy on Netfllx for the first time ever. (Several of you also recommended Grey's to me....Thank you!!!!) I binge watched all the seasons over several months & I am all caught up for this season to start.

We started watching How to get away with Murder last year. We liked Season 1. Season 2 was weird, but it got better toward the end, so we will give Season 3 a shot!
Last year, based on recommendations from many of you, we started watching Scandal.
Scandal isn't premiering until mid-season, so we will have to wait to watch!

New Shows I am watching on Thursdays:
The Good Place
The reason I can't wait to watch is because my friend from high school Darcy, it one of the actresses in it! (She is the one in the green dress in between Ted Danson & Kristen Bell)
I am SO excited for her. She has been working so hard in NY and LA since high school. And, she is hysterical. So happy to see her dreams come true. I hope the show is good! 

***The Good Place is premiering tonight (Monday) but it's regular spot will be on Thursdays***

 Friday is for catching up on all the shows we have on our DVR (or Netflix)
But, I have been totally into watching Shark Tank on Friday nights for the past year.

I love that show! I love seeing people's new ideas.
And, I must confess, I have totally gone online and bought things from people after seeing them on Shark Tank!

College Football
Or, Saturday nights we go on a Date Night or hang out with family/friends/neighbors, watch a movie, etc.

Sunday Night Football (we love Football in our house!)

*All images from google images*

This post makes me sound like a TV junkie.....because I am!!!
We mostly just DVR everything and watch it on Friday nights. We are SO exciting. Ha!
And, as the months go on, we cut out shows that we don't like or they just stay un watched on the DVR in what I call "DVR Suburgatory" and then I delete them or just start watching new shows on Netflix. 

What are your favorite TV shows?
What new shows are you excited to try out?
Any shows you broke up with after last season?
Any Netflix shows you would recommend?
Any new shows I need to start watching?
Are you excited about Fall TV? 

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TV Junkies UNITE :)


  1. Kevin Can Wait, This Is Us and The Good Place are all on my list to check out this fall too. We are ready for Hawaii 5-0 and Blue Bloods to come back on. I think your Friday nights sound just a little too much like ours. HA! I loved Mysteries of Laura, but that was cancelled. I'm a Nashville fan and it got picked up by CMT and wouldn't you know that's the ONE channel they took out of the cable pkg we subscribe to so I've got to figure out what to do about that.

  2. This is Us looks so good and the one with Kevin James! Love him!

    You need to add Madam Secretary to your list too. So good! It's on Netflix.

  3. When I saw the preview for This is Us a few months ago, it made me cry! I can't wait to see it. I hope it doesn't disappoint.

  4. i'm also a tv junkie, ha! i'm looking forward to this is us.... and nashville is my guilty pleasure :X

  5. Girl, I am DYING to watch This is Us! I've been waiting!!!! I just hate that it's going to be on at 10... I'm gonna have to record and watch the next day because I'm too old to stay up until 11. Haha.

  6. Can't wait for my Grey's AND SOOOOO excited for This is Us! :)

  7. We have not had a DVR in years but have one again now...I'm totally going to set some of these to record. I'm seriously still trying to get through Gilmore Girls before the reunion...it's only taken me a year!! Thanks for a great list.

  8. We love Modern Family and just started watching Black-ish last spring. It's so funny! We're Goldbergs fans, too. We want to try out the new Keifer Sutherland drama. And on Fridays, we record Tanked on Animal Planet- aquarium manufacturers who build outrageous fish tanks, usually for celebs- something cool for us to watch with the kids.

  9. LOVE the new TV season! I have such high hopes for This Is Us. I hope it doesn't disappoint!

  10. I guess I'm a CBS-gal, as I love the three NCIS shows. I'm going to give Bull a chance since I'll miss Michael Weatherly on the original NCIS. I do loooooove The Blacklist, on NBC. It drives me crazy, it's so addicting! I used to watch Grey's but gave it up a couple seasons ago. Lately I've been watching Numbers on Amazon Prime, I'm a few episodes into Season 2 of it; first time I've ever seen it and I am enjoying it.

  11. I am SO excited about This is Us! I hope it lives up to the hype! And yassss Shark Tank!



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