B-O-J Season

A couple years ago, my sisters and I were wine tasting in Napa over New Year's.
At one of the wineries, we met a couple from New Jersey & they were so fun.
The guy told us to look around at all the girls....It was B-O-J season.
When we asked what that meant he said Boots Over Jeans (B-O-J)...all the women in the winery were wearing skinny jeans & boots. 
He said the Fall & Winter months are B-O-J season.
And, he is right! 

In honor of BOJ season, I thought I would highlight some of my favorite jeans & favorite boots!
Here in California, BOJ season doesn't usually start until late October.

Today was actually the first day I have worn boots over jeans since last Spring!
Sweater // Scarf // Jeans // Boots

 I don't know about you, but I have a variety of jeans...some are more high end, and others are from Target. Same goes with my boots...some are nicer (real leather) and others are from Old Navy/Target.

I am going to share my top 5 favorite jeans & top 5 favorite boots/booties! They are a range of prices!

*I am tall...5'9 and have long legs (my inseam is 35 inches) so most of the jeans I get are long/tall, but they come in regular and/or ankle, so shop according to your height*

The jeans I am highlighting today are all skinny jeans. I know that flare jeans are coming back in style, but I don't own any yet. I just really love skinny jeans!

These are my go-to jeans. I have had them for almost 4 years.
I have them in 3 different washes:
 Don't let the word "jegging" scare you.
 I think they call them jeggings because they don't have front pockets (that is just stitching to look like pockets) There are actual back pockets!
 Get them HERE and HERE for a variety of washes 

The material is jean material, but it does have some stretch like leggings.
I promise you will love these!
You can't beat the price for under $30. I have had mine for almost 4 years & they have held up great!
I wear a size 6 in these and they are long enough! YAY! 

This week, spend $75 and get 20% off!
Plus FREE shipping on ALL orders!

I have 3 pairs of Vigoss  jeans, but these are my favorite:
I wear them with flip flops in the summer, and in the Fall/Winter I wear them with booties. They are really comfortable. I am normally a 28, but in Vigoss I wear them in 27 (size down 1 size)
They hold up really well after washing them.
You can get them HERE.

To see the whole collection of Vigoss jeans, click HERE.
They have several different washes/colors and distressed or not distressed!
Great jeans that don't break the bank & that are really comfortable!

These are the best black jeans EVER.
I have had them for 3 years & they haven't faded yet!!!
They have held up beautifully & I got them for $30!

Get them HERE
I also love that they come in Tall (and petite)
I wear a 4 Tall in these jeans.

I also have these cords:
I have them in figgy (and in grey from 2 years ago)

To see all the Rockstar jeans, click HERE.
They come in high rise & mid rise.
They have a variety of washes...light jeans, medium & dark. 
Distressed & not distressed.

 Cords or santeen pants....this style has it all & for a great price!

**You can use code AUTUMN for an extra 30% off your order!**

Another great jean that has an option for tall & petite! 
Get them HERE

It's YEARS since I have purchased Gap jeans & this style fits me well.
For other versions/colors of this style, click HERE.

Save 35% on your order today with code LOOK
I've saved the best for last!
My most favorite jeans are these:
I splurged on them last month when I earned a Nordstrom Gift Card from Rodan + Fields.
They are so, so, so, soft. 
I wear them in a 28 and they are long enough. 
I wear them with flats, booties & boots.
I have never had a pair of more comfortable jeans.
And, they fit me so well. 
Now I understand why they are more pricey than what I usually spend on jeans. 
TOTALLY worth it!

Yesterday, it actually rained all day here in California!! The weather has been in the 80s & 90s for October, so the rain was a welcome sight.....it was the first time I have worn boots in months!

Here are my favorite boots/booties:

These are my go-to boots. 
I wear them 3-4 times a week during the Fall/Winter.
They go with everything and they hold up! 
I have had mine for 2 years & they are in great shape!
Get them HERE
They are on sale right now! Save $20 & get them for under $150
They come in several colors, I have them in whiskey.

I am late to the booty party. LOL!
Before I spend a lot of money on a style, I like to by a less expensive option to see if I will actually wear them.
For under $45, I got THESE :
 I have been wearing them a lot, they also come in black...I might have to get that color also!

They are super cute & comfy!
**You can use code AUTUMN for an extra 30% off your order!**

Oh, Uggs...how I love thee.
UGGS. They are my favorite Winter Boot.
I have 4 pairs. 
Kevin got me these ones almost 9 years ago when I was pregnant with Kate:

I have these ones {HERE}
 I wear them all the time during winter. 
My next pair were these ones {HERE}:
Then a few years ago, I got these {HERE}:
 And, I also got these {HERE}

I really like these ones {HERE} because they can be tall or short.
Aren't they cute? I like the gray and the black.
I need an UGG intervention. Ha!
 I have gotten 4 pairs in the last 9 years, but they are just so cozy & don't wear out....even after 9 years!

2 years ago, I got Hunter rain boots
Right after I got them, California went into a major drought. Of course.
So, I have worn them less than 10 times. (I only wear them when it rains)

It actually rained yesterday, so I wore them for a first time in almost a year! Yay!
I wore them all day to teach in & they were comfy!

(I brought them to Tahoe with us this past winter & they were great for the snow...just make sure you wear warm wool socks if you wear them in the snow or your feel will get cold)
 Or, you can get these boot liners:

I like the black & ivory the best.

But, the red is really fun also!

They also come in cable knit. Ack! So cute!

 I think I am going to ask for a pair of sock liners for Christmas!

Saving the best for last....
Frye Boots.
SO Comfortable. Amazing Leather.

These were the ones I was deciding between:
 I loved these...especially because they are called Melissa ;)
But they are too similar to boots I already have.
Like I mentioned earlier, I earned a Nordstrom gift card with Rodan + Fields, and I still have money on it, so I want to splurge on some Frye boots.
 I have tried them on & they are amazing. 
But, I am so indecisive with which ones to get...these boots will last me 10 years! 
Which ones should I get?
I really like THESE ones (called the Phillip)

 Or, these ones (called the Molly)

Which ones would you get?!?!

So, there you have it....my Top 5 Boots & Jeans that I wear during B-O-J season.
Do you have any of the items I have listed in this post?
Would love to hear what boots/jeans you love!

Happy B-O-J season! 

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  1. What does it say about me that as I am reading your post, I am wearing skinny jeans, with cognac boots over them?! Drinking a coffee I might add. Even though it took California until November to get here, I am extremely happy it has finally made it!

  2. I love my Sam Edelman Penny boots! I have them in black, too! Great post!

  3. I have been seriously thinking of asking for the penny boots for Christmas! Now more so!

  4. I TOTALLY bought those black jeans yesterday! So happy to hear you love them!

  5. These UGG Classic Tall 5815 Boots are worn throughout the seasons no matter the temperature and are great snow boots. They are lined with genuine sheepskin from Australia that surrounds your feet with warmth.
    UGG Classic Tall 5815 Boots Grey
    UGG Classic Tall 5815 Boots Sand
    UGG Classic Tall 5815 Boots Navy

  6. So many options!! Love the black jean link - so hard to find black that doesn't fade!

  7. Thanks for sharing your favorites! I still haven't made the booties plunge. I know I should!



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