Goodbye Kindergarten, Goodbye 2nd Grade...Hello Summer + A Winner!

We had our last day of school on Thursday!
 Every year on the first day of school & last day of school, I take a photo of the girls.
It is so fun to see how they change during the school year.

Claire first day & last day of  Kindergarten:

 Claire grew so much in Kindergarten! 
She learned to read this year & made new friends.
Her teacher described her as a sensitive soul & friend to all.
I can't believe she will be a 1st grader this Fall. She is excited about being a big kid & getting to have the same recess & lunch as her sister next year!

 Kate on the 1st & last day of 2nd Grade:
Kate looks SO much older than she did just 9 months ago.
2nd grade was an amazing year for Kate.
She had the same teacher as she did in Kindergarten & we LOVE her.
This year has been magical for Kate.
2 of her best friends were in her class and Kate's love of reading exploded 10 fold.
The night before the last day of school, there were a lot of tears at bedtime tonight from my sweet Kate.
She was crying because it was going to be the last day of school.
Quote from Kate "I wish I had a time machine so I could travel back in time to the first day of 2nd grade and do the whole year all over again. I'm going to miss my class and teacher so much. I don't want it to be over"
I saw this and thought it was so true:

I also get emotional the last few days of school.
I always get a little teary thinking about how much my kids have learned and how much they have grown (physically, academically & socially)
I feel so fortunate to live in a town that has such a great school district and that my kids love school so much they cry at the end of the school year.

I was also sad to see my group of students off.
This year was a GREAT group of 7th graders.
After 11 years of teaching, it was one of my best groups yet.
I wasn't even counting down the days until summer because it really was a nice group.

But, now that it's summer, those students are a distant memory ;)
I love having summer off to spend each day with my 3 crazy kids.
We have some fun things planned for this summer, can't wait to share them with you!

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Happy Summer!!!!!


  1. I cannot get over how much Kate has grown this year! It's amazing to see what 9 months will do to a child. So proud of both of your sweet girls. Enjoy summer mama!

  2. Wow! Your kiddos have grown this year! Awesome pics! Hellooooo, Summer!!

  3. They have grown so much! I love comparison photos too -- when you are in the day to day grind you don't see it but comparison photos show that they really are growing up. Y'alls schedule is so different than ours, the kids have been out of school for a month here. But we also go back the first week of August. Happy Summer, Mel!

  4. Your girls have grown up so much over the school year! I always get a little teary at the end of a school year too. I think it's because that chapter in their life is closing - which is exciting and sad all in the same. My oldest daughter was really sad to see the school year end too. She had her best year yet with an amazing teacher. Here's to one amazing summer!

  5. Your girls have grown SO much! What a change a year makes. Can't wait to hear about your summer fun!

  6. WOOHOO we made it! Looking forward to your next Larson Summer List, we love your girls' ideas every year!! :) Enjoy, Mel!

  7. How much they change is crazy!! Opposite of you, I am so thankful this year is over. Whew!

  8. Could your girls be any cuter or look any more alike than they do!????? Ummmm yeah I'm not exactly missing my firsties from this past year...rough group! lol



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