10 on 10 :: June 2015

Here is my 10 on 10 for June, I haven't had time to post it until today because this week has been CRAZY since it's the last week of school!!!!!

So, these pictures are from the 10th

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}
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Here is a snapshot of our day:
Packing up Kate's lunch....the last lunch of the school year since the last day is a half day. 
Kate had this for lunch about 3 times a week this school year...bagel & cream cheese, tomatoes & fruit. These were her favorite things to have.

Leaving for school....it rained today!!! It was 104 on Monday & then today it rained. What?!?!
It rarely rains here in June! But we will take any rain we can get since we are in a major drought.
Here is what I wore today:

At school...finishing up grading finals, watching Incredibles while doing math centers, Kind bar for breakfast & my Erin Condren planner (which, by the way...they just launched their new 2015-2016 Life Planners this week!) I just ordered another one!
I was able to go to Kate's End of Year party when I was done teaching for the day. They all got beachballs to sign:
 Home from school & it's still raining...admiring the hydrangeas in my front yard:
Since it's the last week of school, I organized teacher gifts & wrote out Thank You cards for the girls teachers/school staff. I think it's nice to not only thank their teachers, but also the other support staff...office staff, Kate's speech teacher, the crossing guard, custodian, etc.
I used my Thanks a Latte printable (HERE) & the Dinner's on Us printable (HERE)

Getting dinner ready to go in the crockpot.
This is my recipe for Easiest Dinner Ever (HERE)

Claire & my nephew climbing trees at Grandma's:
Luke cracks me up. I washed his sham cover for his pillow. When he saw it in the laundry basket, he kept saying "Uh Oh". Then he went to the garage, got the bike pump and and tried to pump up the sham....he thought the pillow needed air....so funny how his mind works!
I ordered my kids a bunch of books to read over the summer. Kate is really into the Bailey School Kids series. You can buy them new, or you can do what I did..I ordered her 15 used ones for $15 on ebay!
The night before the last day of school. I have my chalkboards ready to go!
So, there you have it! That was my 10 on 10 for June 10th...it just took a few days to post since we have been so crazy busy with the last week of school!

THANK YOU for all your awesome laundry tips on THIS post!
You guys are awesome. I can't wait to implement them!
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Happy Friday!


  1. We just finished our school year yesterday as well. I love your chalk boards. I usually do something special with my kiddos for their last day pictures, but had no energy yesterday. Whoops! Have a great summer break with your family and friends.

  2. Those teacher gifts are adorable & I love how you thought of the other staff members too! And I can see why your daughter ate that lunch so often - it looks delicious :)

  3. Enjoy your first full week of summer!! I can't wait to see the pics :).

  4. So fun! Welcome to summer!! The June Gloom has been so funky. I didn't mind it when I was in class, but now that it's summer I want beach weather haha

  5. I am cracking up on Luke trying to air up that pillow sham...too cute! And beach balls to sign..how fun! Have a great first week of summer!

  6. Yay for summer vacation...now we must need to try to meet up,one of these days!
    Love,the picture,of Luke trying to pump up the pillow sham:)

  7. So grateful and so surprised to wake up to the rain on Wednesday! The humidity wasn't too great though.

  8. Oh my gosh you are super organised! You have inspired me!

    Enjoy your Summer ;-)

  9. Hooray for the end of the school year! I love the EC planner design you picked!

  10. Did you get one of the rose gold EC planners? I can't believe I almost missed it! I was scrolling through Instagram while waiting at the Apple Store and saw her post and bought one immediately! Hahaha! It'll be my first one without my name on the cover, but I'm pretty pumped about the rose gold binding and details. :)

    Love your Ten on Ten, as always!

  11. Luke and the pillow!!!! hahahaahaha I love it!!!! Yaaaaay for summer break!!!!! xoxoxo



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