World Series 2014

As you may know, I am a huge, huge, huge San Francisco Giants fan.
Growing up in the Bay Area, we have 2 baseball teams, the Oakland A's & the San Fransisco Giants.
I have always been a Giants fan along with my entire family.
I'll never forget going to my first Giants game as a kid, at Candlestick Park.
I went with my parents, sisters and my aunts, uncles & cousins.
It was Mother's Cookies Baseball card day (anybody else remember those?) I remember being so excited that I got a Will Clark baseball card. I still have it!
The past 5 years have been really fun being a Giants fan because we won the World Series in 2010 and also in 2012. And, this year 2014 we are in the World Series again!
One of the items on my "Bucket List" was to go to a World Series game that the Giants were playing in. I was able to cross that item off my bucket list in 2010. 
You can read about it {HERE}
 The only problem about that was that Kevin didn't go to that game with me. The whole time I was there in 2010, I was wishing he got to experience it also.
When the Giants made it to the NLCS this year, I told Kevin that if they go to the World Series, then I am going to buy us tickets so that we can go (Thank you Rodan + Fields for my extra spending money!)
Well, sure enough, the Giants beat St. Louis and were going to the World Series! I bought us tickets for last Friday night.
Friday was a beautiful day in San Francisco. The weather was perfect.
 We took Bart into the city & got off at the Ferry Building so that we could walk along the water on our way to the Ball Park.
 The walk along the water was so fun...tons of people walking to the game & of course the views of the Bay Bridge were spectacular.
Loved seeing the Fire Engines with Giants flags!
 Kevin's sister and her husband were also going to the game and as we were walking to the Ball Park my brother in law texted us to tell us that he just met Willie Mays & shook his hand! What?!?! Willie Mays is a San Fransisco Giants legend! Mike said that he parked right next to him in the Parking Lot.
Here is a pic of Mike next to Willie Mays car.
 So once we got to the parking lot, the 4 of us took a selfie and texted it to the rest of our family saying that we wish they were there :)
 It's always sur-real walking into the Ball Park for a World Series game. The energy is amazing.
 I love that we are playing the Kansas City Royals....I love that they haven't been to the World Series in 30 years and that both the Giants & Royals were both the Wild Card teams this year. 

As we first got into the Ball Park....so excited! Could our smiles BE any bigger?
Announcing the starting line ups:
During the  Star Spangled Banner they had a huge flag on the field:
 Little Big Town sung the National Anthem. They were amazing. I tear up everytime I hear the National Anthem.
As the National Anthem finished playing 2 Blue Angels jets flew over the stadium. CHILLS!
 Time to play ball! Cheers to a $12 beer & souvenir cup!
 Kansas City got off to an early lead, so that was kind off a bummer.  
Our favorite Ball Park sandwich. San Fransicso style Philly Cheese Steak with Tri Tip & Hot Peppers. YUM!
I get this sandwich everytime I go to a Giants game.
If you've never been to a Giants game, I recommend going, we have such a beautiful stadium, right on the water.
 So beautiful.
 McCovey Cove is right behind the Park & that is where some home runs land.
 You can see all the people in their kayaks waiting for a homerun to land in the water
 More views of the park:
 It was a close game 3-2 with the Royals in the lead.
In the 8th inning we almost tied up the game....we all had our orange rally rags out.
 Nail biting game!
We ended up losing 3-2 but it was still a fun night & memorable experience.
 So glad I got to experience a World Series Game with Kevin!
 Game 7 is tonight. 
The Royals kicked our butts last night so now the series is tied 3-3.
I am so stressed out about the game that I even had a dream about it last night!!! #issues
Will you be watching tonight?
Who are you rooting for?
(It's okay if you say Kansas City....we can still be friends!)
Usually, I love rooting for the underdog like the Royals, but not this year since they are playing my team!

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  1. Congrats on the win and a series well played! 2014 is definitely the year of championships! I'm from San Antonio so we know a little something about winning! #gospursgo All of these pictures are incredible! I have to ask what camera did you use?

  2. I love a girl that loves baseball!! Congrats on the BIG win!!

  3. Congrats on the win!! We are huge baseball fans and that is a dream come true to attend the World Series for your team! My son actually plays baseball at TCU and was teammates with Brandon Finnegan so we were rooting on the Royals....great series though! And San Fran is definitely a place I have got to get to!

  4. LOVE IT..to bad you couldnt have been playing the Rangers ;)



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