Lake Tahoe in the Fall

We are having an October heat wave here in California.
The first 2 weeks of October it was in the 90's.
It was awful. Way too hot and it was causing me to be grumpy.
I am not a grumpy person, but 90 degree heat in October makes me grumpy.
Think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, some people get that when they don't get enough sunshine, I was getting it because there was TOO much Sunshine!
It was LACK of seasons that was causing it. I needed Fall weather & I needed it ASAP.
So, last weekend we beat the heat and headed to Lake Tahoe for the weekend.
Lake Tahoe in the fall is beautiful.....the crisp mountain air & pretty fall colors.
It was awesome.
As we headed into the mountains, the temperatures were dropping and the Fall color was all over.

As soon as we got to our cabin, we rejoiced with the fresh mountain air and went on walk in the woods.
Luke found a snow sled in the garage & wanted to be pulled around in it. Hysterical.
Friday night was Friday Night Pizza Night as usual, but it felt so much better eating our pizza by the fire. (My favorite pizza toppings....pepperoni, pineapple & jalapeno. YUM!
Wine by the fire & watching "Mom's Night Out" Super cute movie!
Loved waking up Saturday morning and being COLD!!!!! 
This weather makes me so happy. I swear I should live in New England or in a state that actually gets Seasons & cold weather. No wonder I loved going to University of Colorado!
Hot coffee in the cold mountain air. Glorious!
Love the morning light shining through the trees.
Our plans for the day were for Kevin to take the girls on a Daddy/Daughter Adventure.
They went to Tahoe Tree Top Adventure where they did a Ropes Course up in the trees and did the ziplines.
 They had a such a fun Daddy & Daughter Day. We were so proud of them for being Brave and going on ziplines even when they were nervous about being so high up in the trees.
While Kevin & the girls were on their adventure, Luke & I got to hang out & we went adventuring in the woods. He loves going on nature walks.

I loved wearing boots, a scarf & a flannel. Fall clothes are my favorite!
Later that afternoon the 5 of us headed to the Lake.
I loved seeing all Fall colors around Lake Tahoe.
But, I couldn't believe how low the Lake is. So sad. We need rain in California!
I love Fall in Lake Tahoe. The last time we were in Lake Tahoe during the Fall is when I was pregnant with Kate!
I love the simplicity of going to Tahoe. No internet (besides our phones), getting to explore nature & all 3 kids love playing with all the old school toys at our cabin.
It was such a nice little weekend away, the only downfall was that we discovered a woodpecker has been chomping away at the cabin & Kevin had to patch a hole the size of a tennis ball on the side of our cabin.
So nice to get away for 48 hours as a family and enjoy real Fall weather :)
We are back home and sweating in the 80 degree weather. 
I really need to move to a state that has seasons, or just move to Tahoe full time :)


  1. On my ride up 101 in August I was shocked at the water levels. I could actually walk from one side of the river to the other. We really do need the rain. I once lived in Tahoe many moons ago and I have never seen it look this way either. We all need to rain dance and hope for it more.

  2. What you are feeling is real. A rarer version of SADS. http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/07/when-summer-is-depressing/375327/

  3. Our wedding was in truckee on the 11th! The weather was PERFECT!

  4. Girl, I get the same disorder here in Texas! Too much sunshine can be depressing too! The downside to Texas...there is no where cool to go! Eeks! I need to live closer to Tahoe ;).

  5. While I do live in Arkansas, and for the most part we do have all the seasons, I am a fall girl all the way..... the humidity is so high here in the Summer, that it's hard to enjoy sometimes unless we are on the lake--which is where we spend the majority of our summer weekends... Everytime you post on Tahoe, I want to visit even more. So cool that you guys can just go for the week-end. So, glad you were able to get away and spend some time in the cool mountain air..... Btw, I so enjoy your blog, I've tried alot of your recipes... :)

  6. What a beautiful trip! Hopefully, y'all can get up to Tahoe to enjoy the weather some more soon.



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