Hello, Kindergarten! Hello, 2nd Grade!

I am in serious denial that Summer is over and that School has started.
I am pretty sure that was the fastest Summer of my life.
It is always bittersweet when Summer ends.
On one hand, I am so sad that our lazy days of sleeping in, lounging around in our pj's, swimming, no schedule & staying up late are over.
But on the other hand, I do crave routine and structure, so part of me is like, "Bring it on School Year!" 
Plus, I love the beginning of school anticipation.....finding out your teacher, shopping for new school supplies & outfits and getting back into a nice routine. 
The end of summer also means that FALL is almost here!!!!! My favorite time of year!!!!
Speaking of anticipation about finding out teachers, I was SO anxious about finding out who my girls teachers were going to be.
I found out at the end of last school year that the teacher who Kate had for Kindergarten 2 years ago was going to be teaching 2nd grade this year. Kate absolutely ADORED her in Kindergarten and we loved her! As soon as I heard she was going to be a 2nd grade teacher I immediately started praying that is who Kate would get this year. I didn't know anything about the other 2nd grade teachers, but I knew we wanted Mrs. W again! 
We didn't find out teachers until last Friday, so all Friday morning I was at meetings at my school and I was counting down the minutes until the Elementary School posted the teachers.

I may or may not have screamed with excitement when I saw that Kate got Mrs. W again.
I also may or may not have gotten a little teary eyed because I was so happy & relived!
Then I checked Claire's teacher and it wasn't the one that she was hoping to get, so I knew she was going to be dissapointed.
Sure enough when I got home and told the girls who their teachers were, Kate was screaming, jumping on the couch and just so excited.

Claire on the other hand was pretty bummed out. She had tears of sadness and it made it worse that Kate was so excited. Ack. So hard. I gave Claire a little pep talk and told her 2 of her best buddies were in her class and that made her cheer up a bit.
Monday morning rolled around and both girls were so excited about the 1st Day of School.
 Kate was just beyond excited. She also has 2 of her best friends in her class and she told me that this was going to be the best school year EVER! I can't believe she is going to be in 2nd grade. That is total big kid status...and a long day at school...8:30 until 3:00! Her class has 18 boys and 7 girls (last year it had 17 boys and 7 girls) I have a feeling they put Kate in the boy heavy classes because she is a really good listener and can stay on task. Her teacher is a Saint for having to deal with all those boys!
And, did you notice?!?!?!
This is life changing. Seriously.
Both my girls have refused to wear jeans for the past 3 years.
They have said they aren't comfortable & they will only wear "soft" pants like leggings.
This meant they would only wear skirts, dresses & leggings.
It made buying clothes for them so hard.
But, when we went Back to School shopping,  Kate wanted to try on these crop jeans, and she loved them.  We got these ones. We bought her white, light denim and dark denim.
Claire also decided that she wanted some. So I bought her 3 pair also!
I can't tell you how happy this makes me!

And, here is Claire Bear....our Kindergartner.
 It's so crazy to me that I was SOOOOO emotional about Kate going to Kindergarten.
I remember crying the night before she started Kinder and crying that morning
Of course, I was only 2 weeks post partum when Kate went to Kindergarten, so my emotions were on overload.
With Claire going to Kindergarten, it has felt totally different.
I think that is because she was in Transitional Kindergarten last year....at the same school and they did a lot of the same things that Kindergarten did. 
So this year, it doesn't feel like such a big deal...she is at the same school for the same amount of time.
Also, I think it isn't as emotional when it isn't your first kid you are sending off to Kinder.
I was so scared with Kate, but now I know that Kinder isn't a scary thing. 
It is an awesome thing.
The school is amazing and so are the teachers.
I didn't even give it a 2nd thought that Claire was going to Kindergarten.
At our school, the parents stay for the first hour on the first day. Since I also had my first day of school, Kevin went with Claire. I had a little "working mom" guilt that I was missing it, but Claire is such a Daddy's Girl that I knew she would rather have him there.
I didn't think Claire would be nervous at all for Kindergarten.
Let's just say I was WRONG.
She had tears on the first day when the parents had to leave.
She had some tears yesterday as well.
It puts a pit in my stomach that she isn't so thrilled about school.
She didn't have tears today, so I am praying that continues.
I was not anticipating this from her AT ALL. 
Despite the tears, I still hope & pray it will be a great school year for both my girls!


  1. What? No mom fail at all! Love them, they are so sweet!

  2. Such sweet pictures of your girls!! The second and third days were the hardest for us...but by day four, K was excited to leave. I can't believe our babies are so big! Have a great three day weekend girl!

  3. They are both so beautiful. I hope they both have a wonderful school year this year. It's so hard when they cry. Hopefully she will transition soon and won't mind going at all.

  4. I have to agree with you it was the fastest summer ever!!! My daughter is not into wearing jeans either and yes it makes it a little hard to shop.

  5. Kate is almost a senior citizen. Let's not let that happen to Claire. Let's get a cock in her ass now before she is too old and no longer sexy.



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