Get Pin-Spired #18

Happy August!
I always get sad when July is over because August means that school is starting. Boo.
I am going to try and soak up my last 3 weeks of summer!
August also means it's Luke's birthday month. Can't believe he will be TWO in just 5 days!
He's not a baby anymore!
It's also time to link up your Pinterest Inspired outfits with me, Sheaffer & Shay!   
I've mentioned this before, but my summer outfits are always a little bit boring.
I mostly wear my swimsuit, swim suit cover up & flip flops . 
In fact, I was in Lake Tahoe for almost 2 weeks in July, so this is what I mostly looked like:
Swimsuit, flip flops, no make up & a hat.
Just keeping it real.
But, for the times I was wearing an actual outfit, I did look to Pinterest for some Pin-spiration.
I have 3 outfits this month!

Outfit #1 Floral Tank Top & Jean Shorts.
My outfit:
Floral Tank {HERE} // Layering Tank {HERE} // Jean Shorts {HERE} // Flip Flops {HERE}
I loved this outfit. I have worn it about 3 times this month!
Of course I didn't wear wedges, I wore flip flops instead. 
Oh, and I wear my hair in a side braid 99% of the time in the summer. 
So much easier to deal with!

Outfit #2 Coral Top & Black Shorts:

 My outfit....everything from my closet! Yeah!
Top {HERE} // Shorts {HERE}// Earrings {HERE} // Bracelets {HERE} // Flip Flops {HERE}
I am glad I saw the original pin because it reminded me that I had this coral shirt. I mostly wear this coral shirt in the Fall & Spring with black pants & brown boots, but I loved it with black shorts!
I loved how it is a dressier outfit. Perfect for a date night.

Pin #3 Coral Shorts & Navy Stripe Top:
 Again, another outfit where I had all the pieces in my closet and again I swapped out wedges for flip flops because I am 5'9....I don't wear wedges! Flips flops all the way for this girl!
My recreation:
Top {HERE} //  Shorts {HERE} // Necklace {HERE} // Cuff {HERE} //  Flip Flops {HERE}
 I loved this outfit because it is SO comfortable! This shirt is the only thing I kept in my 2nd Stitch Fix and I love how light weight it is. Perfect for summer. It is Splendid brand which I have purchased for my kids, but didn't realize they made adult clothes also! You can also get the shirt {HERE} but it was cheaper with my fix.  So soft!

I am excited to check out all of your Pin-Spired outfits so that I can get some inspiration during the final summer months. I am looking forward to our next PinSpired in September because I will have some Back to School Inspiration! Fall clothes are my favorite!

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My favorite part about linky parties is checking out other people who have linked up! 
Go find some new blogs & leave them a comment letting them know you stopped by...and get Pin-Spired by the outfits other people linked up!


  1. Love the floral tank! All of your looks are perfect for summer.

  2. I always look forward to seeing your pin-spired outfits. You make everything look great, plus you keep it real. :) I love that way have an almost identical outfit this month with the striped top and coral shorts! Love your t-shirt on that look. I might need to swap my sweater for a tee next time since I was pushing it on the warmth!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  3. Such great recreations! And I am laughing because I'm wearing a super similar outfit to your #3 today!!! I have to pin that now!! :)

  4. Love all your recreations! And it is funny that at least 3 of us so far have done some version of the striped top and bright red/orange shorts this month! Great minds I guess :)

  5. I have coral shorts and always wear a plain boring white t with it! So thanks for the inspiration!

  6. What cute looks! I had so much fun linking up today. :) Thanks for hosting!

  7. Cute looks- I love the coral and black :)

  8. Love all of these recreations but my favorite is the coral shirt and black shorts! Thanks for hosting!




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