Our Easter Weekend

I am finally getting around to doing our Easter recap!
Late Saturday night when the girls were in bed, I put out some Bunny Tracks with flour.
Imagine my surprise when we woke up on Sunday morning & it was raining!
There was NO rain in the forecast!
Needless to say, my flour "bunny tracks" that were not covered by our porch turned into a flour-y sludge and it won't scrape off.
Kevin needs to powerwash our front walkway now. Oops!

The girls didn't discover the Bunny tracks until AFTER we got home from church.
Our Easter Bunny comes after we get home from church (while Kevin loads the girls into the car to go to church, I run back inside & put out their Easter Baskets. Sneaky, sneaky)
The girls were thrilled that the Easter Bunny left bunny prints.
But, Kate wanted to know why the Easter Bunny has flour paw prints.
She is smarter than I give her credit for... (and she helps me bake a lot, so I guess she recognized the flour...who knows!)
I loved their reaction when they saw their Baskets filled up:
Here is their loot:
Every year, in their basket, I give them things that I would normally buy them anyways:
(a book, stickers, chalk, a new swimsuit, a new sun dress & a pair of sandals)
And, of course....the best Easter candy ever: Reeces Peanut Butter Eggs!
This year they also got a new swim towel & a personalized placemat.
Hooray! A picture of both of them smiling! It's an Easter Miracle!
Oh yeah, and notice how my girls are wearing short sleeved sun dresses.
It was NOT a warm day. I had no idea it was going to rain & didn't have sweaters for them.
I figured since Easter was so late this year that the weather would be warm. WRONG!

Right after our mini indoor egg hunt, we loaded up the car & headed out to Kevin's sister and brother in law's house. They host a huge Easter party every year, but we only go every other year (we rotate with my family)
They have a winery & live on 10 acres of grapes...this is part of their backyard:
Lots of grapes = wine! We got to sample my brother in law's 2011 releases:
Jeff, Mike & Kevin:
It was a great weekend spending time with family celebrating Easter & all that Christ has done for us!

And, just a reminder....the Cupcake Carnival starts this Sunday, May 1st!


  1. Looked like a fun & busy Easter weekend! Love the girls dresses.

  2. Cute pics as always Mel!
    The girls made out with their loot.
    Good idea with the beach towels. I need to get more for all of us this summer.
    Where did you get their placemats from? I love cute placemats.
    How fun to have the egg hunt on a winery. It was a cold day! I wore leggings, uggs, and a sweatshirt and scarf!! What?

  3. What a beautiful recap...your family is adorable!! I love the surprise in their eyes when they see the basekts...presh!

    have a great weekend!

  4. i have to laugh at the *very* unexpected rain. glad we weren't the only ones over here. :) Your girls look adorable - and those Easter baskets look delightful to come home to. Well done Easter Bunny, well done. :)

  5. The girls' dresses are SOOO cute! I want to make something with that fabric and that orange ribbon!

    You are adorable with the bunny tracks. :)

  6. Love both of their Easter outfits! So cute! And family living on a vineyard? Dreamy!

  7. It looks like you had a fabulous Easter! I always look forward to all of the pictures of your girls on holidays... you definitely know how to make them so special for your adorable family!

  8. I think our girls pretty much all have the same clothes! Gianna wore that dress today, Leila wore it a few days ago!

    Happy belated Easter!

  9. darling pictures. looks like an amazing day. love the girls dresses too!!

  10. That one picture of them both smiling is awesome!

    I too did not buy sweaters...and like you said, it was freezing. Big boo! We even got some rain! What the heck!?

  11. I just gave you the Versatile Blogger Award! :-) http://www.elizabethannsrecipebox.com/2011/05/versatile-blogger-award.html

  12. Adorable family and great last name! Ha! Becoming a follower!

    ~Andrea Larson

  13. your daughter are beautiful!!


  14. those dresses are DARLING! I'm waiting and waiting for my kids to get old enough to actually both smile and sit for the picture... :)



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