Claire's Big Girl Bed

It was time.
Time to say good-bye to her crib.
Claire kept doing THIS.
She would wake up almost every night at 2 am screaming & saying she didn't want to sleep in a crib anymore & she wanted a bed.
Naptime has been a battle & so has bedtime.
We ordered her bed last week & it came in yesterday.
Kevin's mom was watching the girls over night last night so we could have a date night.
Guess how we spent our date night?
Buying a mattress, going to dinner & then we came home to take down the crib and set up the bed. We wanted to surprise Claire when she got home from Grandma's this morning.

I may or may not have shed some tears while Kevin was taking the crib down.
First, because my "baby" was no longer in a crib & it marked the end of an era for us...no more crib in our house.
Second, I really, really, really love her crib bedding & was sad to put it away!

Here is her new bed (with Kate's old bedding from when her room was yellow)
I think it looks so cute!
I have always loved this bedding!
Everything else in her room stayed the same:
This morning when Grandma dropped the girls off, we told Claire that we had a surprise for her.
This was her reaction when she saw her new bed:
She was SO excited!
'Her first words were, "No more crib! Hooray!"
Immediately she wanted to jump on her bed.
We have one very happy little girl!
She told us she is now going to sleep all night long.
Here's hoping she actually stays in her bed during naptime & bedtime.
We are keeping our fingers crossed!


  1. Thats a beautiful little bed. Fit for a newly independent princess:) Good luck!

  2. I teared up a little reading this today ;). We celebrated our youngest's first birthday, so I'm a little nostalgic. Watching our girls grow up is SO hard!

  3. oh my goodness super cute. I am so itching to redo both girls rooms!

  4. beautiful bed! she's a cutie, hope all goes well;)

  5. So cute!
    We have been looking at beds for our Claire. I think that will be our next project.
    She looked so happy to see her new bed. She's so cute. :)

  6. I love the picture of her dancing on the bed!!! I hope she keeps her word about sleeping all night :)

  7. Oh, I love the one of Claire mid-air...so cute!

  8. So Cute! Taylor's bed looks almost identical actually. And I love that little happy dance she was doing :)

  9. let us know how it goes. she is adorable

  10. it's so sad to see our babies grow. the bed and bedding however are beautiful. i'm sure she will sleep all night in it.

  11. YAY! Love how excited she looks!
    Cant wait to hear how night number one went!!!

  12. Congratulations! I remember when my daughter, Sophie, transitioned from the crib to bed. I did shed some tears. And for the first few months, she didn't realize she could get out of the bed by herself during night and naps. Unfortunately that didn't last.

  13. That's a gorgeous bed!! I'm sure that was a big step for you, mom. I still haven't transitioned Carrah to a big girl bed either. She'll be 3 in October. :)

  14. Love her excitement over her big girl bed. It really is the little things in life, isn't it?

  15. Oh my cuteness! I love how you always capture the every day moments with your kids. It's truly priceless.

  16. Good luck with the sleeping:) Hope all goes well...she does look like one happy girl!

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  18. Woo hoo! I love that she immediately jumped on the bed. You need to mod podge some cute coordinating paper over the polka dots on the letters spelling out her name now though. :)

  19. Cute little bed!!! It is sad to get rid of the crib, but so fun to watch them grow up!

  20. Looks Great! What a happy little one :)

  21. I love the lamp shades in her room! Where did you get them?!

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