Pinterest Told me To

 A few weeks ago, I found the cutest blog called
It is the greatest concept! 
Sheaffer started her blog because she was pinning tons of fun & funky outfits on Pinterest. She then realized she could piece together those outfits with clothes she already had in her closet!

I found her blog at just the right time.
It was right as I was going back to work after my Maternity Leave was ending.
I saw tons of cute outfits on Pinterest and was in need of some serious Retail Therapy.
Then I saw her blog and realized that I should "shop" my own closet and put together outfits that are Pinterest inspired and that are more outside the box that I would normally wear.
I could do this without buying anything new!
I was in the Frumpy Post-Partum stage where nothing fit quite right, but re-creating outfits with my own clothes (that I hadn't worn since I became pregnant) was a challenge I was ready for.

Sheaffer asked me to guest blog today and share some of my Pinterest Inspired Outfits.

Here is a sneak peek of some of my outfits....
Pinterest on the Left, Mel on the Right
 Mustard , Gray & Brown
I was being brave....instead of pairing this outfit with my gray boots or my gray ballet flats, I listened to Pinterest and wore brown boots with it. I would have never thought of pairing gray with brown, but it worked! I had all the items in my closet!
Gray Cardigan - Ann Taylor Loft
White Tank - NY & Co
Mustard Ruffle Scarf - The Pleated Poppy (Linking up with Lindsey!)
Skinny Jeans - Target
Brown Boots - Target

Next Outfit... Black Pants with Brown Boots
 I said I would NEVER do it. Mix Brown & Black. I saw this outfit & realized I had similar pieces in my closet and BAM! Black pants with Brown Boots. I'm a fan.
Cream Cardigan - Nordstrom
Tank Top - Target
Black Skinnies- Target
Brown Boots - Db Shoes

More Black & Brown
 Oh yes, I did. Black Dress (H&M 2 years ago) with a brown belt (Nordstrom, Brass Plum) & Brown Boots (Target)
In LOVE with this combo. Can't believe it took me so long to branch out.
My preconceived notions of Black & Brown are out the door!
Thank you, Pinterest!

I posted  a total of 10 Pinterest Inspired Outfits on her blog.
Check out my guest post HERE!
I know you will love Sheaffer & her blog.
You will be inspired to mix up your wardrobe, shop your own closet and put together combos you never thought you could pull off!


  1. Hi Mel! I can't thank you enough for all of the time and effort you put into your guest post today. All of your outfits look AWESOME, and I am so impressed that you were able to pull off so many! You go!
    Sheaffer :)

  2. You look great!!! I am having a hard time learning how to dress like a "grown up," so this is VERY helpful!!

  3. You look great!!! I am having a hard time learning how to dress like a "grown up," so this is VERY helpful!!

  4. Love these outfits! I can't wait to see your guest post. (On my way over there now.) BTW, you look great!

  5. Outstanding!! You look great, Loved the guest post. Love your blog.... (just chocked full of love today!!) Have a great day!
    Mrs. Crazy

    PS... Thanks for the inspiration

  6. Found you through Sheaffer's blog. You rocked every single outfit from Pinterest!! WOW!!! Double high five! Love that last look most!

  7. cute outfits! i'm starting to think i need some brown boots like that!

  8. I love all of your outfits - I love how you made them your own! I've looked, but can't find a link to your Pinterest? I'd love to follow along!

  9. wow cute outfits, I could totally use this. I need some rearranging and updating.

  10. I love how you paired brown and black together. I will have to try a black dress with a brown belt!

  11. Great outfits and a great blog. I can't wait to check it out more. And now I think I need some brown boots. (Yes, I know I am the only person on the planet that doesn't own a pair already.)

  12. Love them all, but especially the 2nd and 3rd. I used to think black and brown together was wrong, but it's amazing!

  13. I love it! Great outfits, you are one stylish momma! Totally now following that blog.

  14. Yay! I'm so glad you liked (and even blogged!) about my brother! I just adore your blog...you are so cute!! Keep in touch this season of the Bachelor!! I'm sure if I didn't live in TX and you didn't live in CA, we'd be BFF :).

  15. This is so awesome! You rocked it :) Definitely need to take a stab at this, myself.

  16. Jealous! Even if I wanted to do what Pinterest told me to, I couldn't because a) can't fit into anything postpartum yet and b) even if I could, I don't have anything I like! Want to go to the outlets? It opens tomorrow!!!

  17. That's it. I'm inspired. I can totally do that! And Mel, you are looking GOOD, my friend! :)

  18. Ok, so I have to tell you, I have been doing the same thing! I had a closet full of clothes with "nothing to wear." So I started looking at Pinterest and recreating with what I had. I'm so happy to know I'm not the only one doing this! Its pretty cool since I'm trying color combos I would have never tried... I mean, who knew turquoise could go with like anything??? Also wanted to say you look great after having that baby!

  19. 1. I need that mustard ruffle scarf
    2. I need you and Mel to come dress me. Every. Single. Day. Seriously!

    Found you on the Mommy brain mixer! Following and commenting from http://fluffimama.blogspot.com/ I hope you'll do the same! Be sure to enter my giveaway for for a free Gold Canyon candle :)

  20. You look so cute!! Definitely inspires me to put some different things together and use what I already have!

  21. You look great! The last outfit is my favorite!

  22. Awesome outfits! I really need to go through my Pinterest pins and replicate the outfit. I'm stopping over from a blog hop, feel free to stop by
    I Heart Pears

  23. This is a great idea. Looks like you are getting some good wear out of your Target boots! I've never thought to look for boots there.

  24. You look awesome! I'm going to check out that blog right now. Thanks for sharing :)

  25. I love your take on all of these outfits! You look fantastic in each photo!!

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  26. Hi Mel, you know I love your blog. Now, since 2 hours I am a member of Pinterest.com. And I keep looking to Pinterest told me to....
    There is only one thing I still do not understand well. When I look at these three outfits on your blog, you are standing at the right site and the pinteres clothes at the left site. But where on Pinterest can I find those combination sets? On which site did you see these black/brown combination.I can look for hours/days to those kind of nice clothes but then i have an headace and no such nice combination.
    Please help me. Thanks and greetings from Marion in the Netherlands.

  27. Found you on Pinterest Told Me To. Love all the outfits you recreated. You look great!

  28. Found you on Pinterest Told Me To. Love all the outfits you recreated. You look great!

  29. YES! I've totally been copying Pinterest out fits with what I have. Makes me feel like I'm shopping right out of my own closet! :) Way to go out on a limb and try new combos, Mel! I think that 2nd outfit does need that pop of color like Pinterest said. ;) Next time, try throwing on a bright scarf or necklace, just for fun!

  30. Okay, did that sound rude? I didn't mean for it to. Yikes! Good thing you know me!



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