Friday Funnies

Thanks for all your comments on yesterday's post! Glad to know I am not alone!
I thought I would lighten the mood today & leave you with some of my favorite Someecards.
I just love these & have been saving some of my favorites!

Love this one:
This is so true!
Love the pinterest ones:
Seriously, what did we do before Pinterest?
Dream Job:
Every Friday Night. Word!
This is me when I am not pregnant:
Love you, Mom:
I do this EVERY time I do laundry:
Team Diet Coke. Won't even touch Diet Pepsi. *gross*
I bet my students feel this way:
YES!!!! Or, this could be changed to a Starbucks card:
This is for Kevin:
So is this one. His boss cranks the AC up so high in the summer, so Kevin has to keep his NorthFace fleece in his office during the summer months because it is so cold in there!
Amen to this:
This is SO me. Except, it is more like 6 years. Oops.
This is the first thing I do when I get home, bra comes off!
This is for my sister, Rebecca. She did this twice yesterday.
Sharts happen. LOL!
Amen & Amen:
What's your favorite one?

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Happy Friday!!


  1. LOVE the second Target one. I saw it this week and posted it on my FB page. SO true....I just got back from vacation!

  2. Shart one made me lol, I'll have to show my husband! Hahaha

  3. I saw this one today about men in skinny jeans and I have texted it to so many people. Haha.

    I don't have a pinterest!! Just not for me.:)

  4. Oh, boy. Every single one of those made me laugh out loud. Especially the bra one. What a hoot.

  5. Oh my word the shart one is sooo funny!! Especially pregnant!!

  6. The Diet Coke and the Wine Bottle/Missing ones are my faves. Thanks for sharing. I needed a laugh right about now as I feed my kids their second dinner (1 hour after the first one).

  7. I had noooo idea you did this too, which is hysterical since neither of us ever post them! Ha! Must have been in the air yesterday :) yours are great. Love the crap I just said something my mother would say--happens DAILY for me! Ha

  8. Still laughing! You shared most of my favorites.

  9. Love these!!!
    I have a blog giveaway going on at http://sailingwithbarefeet.blogspot.com/2012/06/1st-blog-giveaway.html
    I hope you enter for a chance to win!!!!! Hurry though, it ends tomorrow!

  10. A few months ago when I first saw the one about not making it to the gym for 5 years, I literally laughed out loud to the point of tears! I LOVE the second Target one you posted, as well!

  11. um the Diet Coke one could not be better! I always ask at resturants if they have coke or pepsi. If they say Pepsi I say water.
    I want to laugh when I order a Diet Coke and they ask if Pepsi is okay. Um gross- NO.

  12. They are all awesome... But I burst out laughing at the last one! so true!

  13. Oh, that first one cracked me up! I wish it wasn't so true! ;)

  14. I love them all. These ecards never fail to crack me up! My husband usually hears me giggling behind my computer, asks what I'm laughing at and it happens to be one of them.

    Coming over from http://thefrugalfreegal.com




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