New Blog Design!

Hooray for a new blog design!
My old blog design was done in Fall 2009, so I was WAY overdue for a re-vamp, especially because the pictures in my old header were almost 3 years old!
Fabulous K designed my old one and this one as well!

I also add tabs at the top so that you can find things easier.
I have an About Me page (coming soon)
A tab that will take you to my Etsy Shop, Daylight Designs.
A tab that will take you to all my posts on Recipes.
A tab that will take you to all the Parties I have thrown.
And, a Contact Me page (coming soon)

I wanted a fresher, cleaner look and I think we achieved that!
Hope you like it!


  1. I love it!!! So, so precious!!! :)
    Loves wonderful!

    ♥ Stephany Hyder

  2. It's wonderful! I love the easy links! Very nice looking family!

  3. Looks great! Love the new header!

  4. LOVE IT! Good for you! It looks great!


  5. Love it! Orange and aqua is my favorite color combo right now : )

  6. Looks gorgeous! It kind of reminds me of graph paper-- which reminds me of you. :) I can't believe how OLD Claire looks in that picture. Wow.

  7. Great minds think alike! My new blog design went live today too! I love your new look and hope that you are feeling well, Mel!

  8. I am so glad you made a RECIPE tab!! I have been telling Cora Wyne (Kev's wife) how much I would love to try your recipes, but I couldn't find some of the ones I wanted because it had been a while since you posted them. I'm so happy!! Thank you Mel and I love your blog. I check it religiously to keep updated on the family. The girls are getting so big!

  9. Hi Mel!

    Love the new look! I'd love to change my blog look up a bit one of these days. Maybe I will check out your friend for help. ;)

  10. Looks great friend!!

    Hey...I think we're overdue for a NorCal dinner
    before little Larson #3 arrives!



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