40 Bags in 40 Days {Lent 2012}: Update #3

It's time for another 40 bags in 40 days update.
My original plan was to do this the 40 days of Lent.... that didn't happen, seeing as Easter was 1 month ago & I am still working on my list, BUT I am determined to finish this list, but I think I should re-name it 40 Bags in 4 months. Ha!

I haven't updated my list since last month, so here are 6 more areas that I worked on.
First up was our Master Bathroom drawers & cabinets.
Drawer #1 Before:
Drawer #2 Before:
Cabinet #1 Before:

Cabinet #2 Before:

Medicine Cabinet Before:
Under the sink Before:

My nightstand was the next area.
Nightstand Drawer Before:
Nightstand Cupboard Before:
Next up, my kitchen pantry....otherwise known as a big freaking disaster area.
These before pictures are so embarrassing.....SO MUCH CRAP & UN-ORGANIZATION.
Another Before:After:
Everything on the shelves is actually organized.
And, apparently, I hoard canned pumpkin. I mean, I only have 10 cans.
The floor of the pantry Before:
The pantry took me over 6 hours to clean/organize. I took every single item out of the pantry, threw out all the expired stuff, etc and bought some organizers/drawers to give things a place. It is 1000 times better and I am SO glad to have gotten that area done. It has been hanging over my head.
Moving on....
TV Storage Drawer in Family Room Before:
(Why yes, that is a Billy Blanks Tae-Bo VHS that you see in there. Does anyone even own a VCR anymore? We don't! The other VHS tapes are some of my college soccer highlight videos & games, so those won't be thrown away, but this summer I am going to get them converted to DVD's.)
Kitchen Junk Drawer Before:
(Not pictured are the 2 Target gift cards, 2 Starbucks gift cards & $6 that I found at the bottom of this drawer. Score!)

Kitchen Cabinet Before:
Another area on the list was our office area. This room is an extension of our Master Bedroom. We call it the office/loft but there is no office furniture. Basically, it is a dumping ground that I use for clothes that don't fit the girls anymore and clean laundry that needs to be folded. And, our dog sleeps in there. It is basically wasted space in our bedroom.
Here is are some Before shots:
Another Angle:
And, here is an After:
Well, I wouldn't really call it an After...more like "During" because we are in the middle of a remodel with this room right now. The piles of "stuff" are gone, but I had to do that area, because now it is a construction zone.
Basically, we are making it a 5th bedroom that will become our new Guest Room/Office (and our current Guest Room will become the bedroom for Baby #3).
This extra are that was part of our Master Bedroom was big (it is 11 feet by 13 feet, which is the exact size of all the other bedrooms....Kate's room, Claire's room & the current Guest Room) Our Master is still spacious even though we got rid of 1/3 of it. It just makes more sense to make it a 5th bedroom rather than wasted space.
We are still in the middle of construction, and hope to finish up this room in the next week or 2.
I will post more Before/During/Afters of this project when it is done!

So, as of today, here is my 40 Bags in 40 Days List (also known as 40 Bags in 4 months)
To see my other 40 bags in 40 days updates, click HERE.
So far, I have cleaned out 23 of 34 areas.
I have filled up a total of 28 bags that have either been donated or thrown away.
(And, all areas that I have done in the past 3 months are STILL cleaned/organized. Yay!)

This has been a really good experience so far.
Even though it has taken me longer than I originally planned, I am still learning a lot from this (which I will share more of when I finish the list) but basically, I have realized how much crap I have that I don't need. I thought I was pretty good about not overspending/buying too much, but cleaning out all these areas makes me realize how much excess I have and it totally grosses me out that we have so much "stuff". Ugh.
This has been a very humbling experience and I am so glad I am doing it even though it sucks sometimes and is time consuming.
If you haven't done a big purge like this, I highly, highly recommend it!


  1. What a great job. So many of my areas look like your befores (like my nightstand drawer...eeekk!) Way to go Mel!

  2. Wow, nice job! Now if we can all just keep it that nice and organized. My drawers and cupboards always seem to creep back to messy. I can identify with your feeling like you have too muh crap....I did this a few months ago and donated a ton of bags to Goodwill.

  3. you have been a busy!

    i love to be organized.
    i actually am.
    don't hate me.

    once i caught win of how freeing it is i kept at it.

    10 cans of pumpkin filling! wow. i'm going to remember you come october.

  4. Way to go! You've been busy!

    And I hoard pumpkin too. I have at least that many cans in my pantry! :)

  5. Ughhh...Under the bathroom sink is always treacherous! congrats on so much spring cleaning!

    and on another note...here's to making lots of yummy pumpkin treats in the heat of the summer! ha!

  6. You are doing so great!! I love seeing the before and after shots, especially of the pantry! I apparently hoard black beans and chicken broth. haha...

  7. Looks amazing! Seriously, what an incredible feeling!!

  8. PUMPKIN! I may have to buy a jar of pumpkin butter from you :)
    We just ran out & Griffin is still freaking out that we don't have any for bran muffins anymore!! Lesson learned...I'll be buying about 15 jars next year.

  9. You have been busy! It feels so nice when you purge.
    When we had our "bonus" one we had to get creative because the baby took my husbands office. How nice you had the extra space for another room.
    Enjoy your week!!

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  11. I need to do this challenge myself. :)

  12. Its a great Job and a great sample, I have to push my self to be able to do that also



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