Pizookie: Cheater Style

You have heard of a Pizookie, right?
Also known as a pizza-cookie.
I am pretty sure BJ's Restaurant is the originator of the pizookie.
My first time having a pizookie was in 1997, my freshman year of college at Pearl Street BJ's in Boulder, Colorado. Since then, I have been HOOKED at this simple & delicious dessert.
Chocolate Chip Cookie topped with Vanilla Ice Cream & other goodies....what's not to like?
Since I first had a pizookie, many, many, many years ago, I realized that I could very easily & inexpensively make this at home.
So, here is...Mel's Pizookie: Cheater Style.
All you really need is this bag of Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix (yes...store bought mix...for shame! ha!) The reason I like this mix is because you can buy it on sale for $2. So cheap!
And, all you need to add to it is an egg & softened stick of butter, then mix.
Then, spread dough into a pie dish (I spray the dish with Pam)
Another reason I like this mix is because it has TONS of chocolate chips!
Bake your pizookie for about 20 minutes at 375.
When it is golden brown on top, it is ready. Do NOT over bake your pizookie!!!
I like them slightly under-done so that it is gooey & yummy. Nothing worse than an over cooked pizookie.
I usually let it cool for 15-20 minutes before serving it. Yum.
Now it is time to serve your pizookie. At the reastaraunt, they just dump the ice cream on top. But, I like to serve it individually.
Instead of just ice cream, I like to add other goodies! Go big or go home!
Here is my pizzokie topped with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whip cream & pecan bits.
Oh, yeah...and I eat it with a spoon.
Eating ice cream with a fork is just doesn't work for me.
So good. You will lick your bowl clean.
This is one of my last minute go-to desserts.
I always stock up on this mix when it is on sale.
I am all about the cheater pizookie because it is so easy & cheap and it is a total crowd pleaser!
This dessert is perfect for last minute plans. I always have the ingredients on hand. I have made this many times when we had youth group kids come over, game night with neighbors, or coming back to our house after dinner with friends. It takes 2 minutes to make & 2o minutes to bake. And, who doesn't love warm chocolate chip cookies topped with ice cream?
What are you waiting for...go make Cheater Style Pizookie, you won't be disappointed!

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  1. OH MY! I haven't eaten breakfast yet, that looks perfectly suitable!!!

  2. We happen to have this cookie mix at home, I see a pizookie in my future!

    Thanks for sharing this delish recipe!

  3. Oh Mel, you are so cute for two reasons.

    1. "Nothing worse than an over cooked pizookie." Really??? Add that to new information for me!!

    2. Californians are hilarious with their prices. We can get those bags on sale for $0.99 here. I totally rule The Price Is Right using California prices, but NC prices, not so much.

  4. for reals! why do you go posting a pizookie AFTER I decide to go gluten-free!? looks yummmmm.

  5. oh you shouldn't have! i already have eaten a pan full of carmelitas. divine, i tell ya!


  7. Janna, Do not fear! They sell that same mix in a gluten free version!!!!

    This looks so delicious that I might have to take myself right back to the store I just came home from.

  8. We've always called them "cookie cakes" :) I like Pizookie better!

  9. Oh my gosh that sounds so good! I just might have to make it tonight. Oh and I love BJs on Pearl!!!

  10. i have everything in my kitchen right now and I am craving something sweet...guess I know what we are having for dessert!!!

  11. Ok, I'm headed over! I'll bring the coffee.

  12. ate a fantastic slice of this tonight......definitely treating myself to some post-finals pizookie!

  13. ate a fantastic slice of this tonight......definitely treating myself to some post-finals pizookie!

  14. i have had major sweets cravings, which is very unlike me.
    I am a salty crunchy gal.

    this will be made.
    no doubt in my mind.
    my ass thanks you in advance.

  15. pizookies are my absolute favorite!

    i usually make mine in individual ramekins but i love making it in a pie plate.

    i am currently on 21 days of no junk food but i have been dreaming about a pizookie for my reward when i am done. only 3 more days and counting....

  16. you are one of those blessed metabolism people arent you? If i ate a pizookie id gain 5 pounds.

  17. We had BJ's in San Antonio! Love it and definitely going to try this!

  18. I posted about this in my blog! And put your blog link in my post :)


  19. Oh my, we LOVE pizookies! I must post about this on my blog!

  20. We had students coming over for dinner tonight (my husband is a youth pastor) so I made 2 pizookies for dessert. They were delicious and were both devoured! :)

  21. Have you ever used any of the other betty crocker cookie mixes? I want to try the red velvet mix and I'm wondering if I can use the same amount of butter and eggs to make it.

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