Insta January

Happy Friday!
It's Insta Friday which means you can see what we have been up to the past few weeks!
We have had unusually warm weather this January which means the girls have been playing a ton outside. This girl loves to chalk.
Have you had these Chocolate Croissants from Trader Joes?
This girl is totally obsessed with her Tangled Wig & Dress. She wears it almost everyday. The wig is a rats nest now. That didn't stop her from wearing it to a princess party last weekend.
Sigh. Friday Night Lights.
It's an obsession, I tell you.
We got the entire series for Christmas & have been staying up WAY too late watching it.
We are on Season 3 & we have a new rule that we will only watch it on the weekend so that we don't stay up late during the week watching it! Can't wait to watch it tonight!!!
Someone was being sneaky & had some fun with the camera.
Guess who beat the Saints last week!?!?!?
My 49ers!!!!! Who Dat? WE DAT!
Such an awesome game!!! Can't wait for the NFC Championship this Sunday! Go Niners!!!
Our neighbors dropped off Krispy Kreme donuts on our doorstep over the weekend!
I LOVE our court!!!It FINALLY rained here this week. It hadn't rained in months!!!! So thankful for the rain.
The girls had fun playing inside & building little forts & playing with dolls.
I LOVE rainy days!
Someone has a birthday party this weekend, so I have been busy with party prep this week!
Kate picked out some flowers at the store for her party:
Helping me with party decorations:
I even busted out my sewing machine!
Can you guess what kind of party she is having?
Getting the favors ready:
Kate has been so opinionated with this party planning & it has been so fun.
Can't wait to tell you all about the party next week!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. My little one loves cameras. She is home with back cold that is going around here so I let her take some pictures in her room....she LOVED it!
    Can not wait is see pictures of the party! I am starting to plan my daughters cowgirl party for July and I keep looking back at your pictures. I may have to email you with some ideas when it get closer

  2. I want to follow you on Instagram! :) Do share.
    Love the pictures.

  3. I LOVE those croissants from TJ...they are the best!!! I adore how much love and time you put into your girls' parties. I'm rooting for San Fran all the way in Ohio :)

  4. I'm rooting for the 49r's now that we are out too!

    I hope the snow doesn't ruin my plans to TJ's tomorrow. I want those chocolate croisants!

  5. Rainbow.....I am thinking Wizard of Oz?

    After Alexa's 4th birthday party last weekend, I think I am in party withdrawal. That was the first time I had made so much of her decorations and I enjoyed it! I have three gifts to wrap today for other birthdays, and I might be going a little overboard. Crafting Withdrawal!

    I hope the party goes off without a hitch!

  6. Those aprons are way too cute! I can't wait to see the party pics.

  7. Mel the "sneak peek" pics of Kate's party are AWESOME! I can not wait to see the pics!!! Happy Birthday Kate!

  8. I love how you always talk about Friday night lights. My hubby and I watched that show from the very beginning. We never missed and episode and looked forward to watching it each week. It's such a great show and we were SO SAD when it ended. I was watching "Up all Night" last night and the characters were also watching Friday Night Lights. I'm hoping that maybe if enough people start watching it...they will bring it back!!!! So, please keep blogging about it and spreading the word!


    ps - have a fun party this weekend.

  9. Love the party favors! Also, where did you get your white kitchen table from? I love it!

  10. Love how you included pictures between the captions! It totally caught my eye!

  11. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter! It looks like its going to be a great party!

  12. I am stalking your blog for party photos.... also did you hear BOULDER is getting a Trader joes?! i am SO EXCITED!!!

  13. Looks like your daughter is going to have an awesome party! I love the aprons!

  14. We've had crazy warm weather in TX this winter. The Tangled wig cracks me up. So cute! My aunt grew up in Odesaa, TX where FNL is set. She said the movie was true to the town atmosphere. Can't wait to see photos from Kate's birthday party. Looks like it's going to be another winner. Oh yeah, we're getting a Trader Joe's soon. Woo hoo!

  15. I can't wait for party pics! I am definitely digging the rain too. Finally. :) And I was so sad when I watched season 1 of FNL and then inadvertently watched season 4 after that. I just couldn't go back and watch the rest. Boo!

  16. Those croissants from TJ's are soooo good.

  17. Hey Mel, this might help you with Claire's wig. :)


  18. why don't i follow you on insta? need to.

    chocolate croissants! uh oh, no way.

    friday night lights? maybe my husband and i need to pick up the habit too.



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