A full week, but a fun week.

The past 2 weeks have been CR-AZY busy.
And, it isn't going to slow down this weekend!

Here is a snapshot of the crazy-ness Instagram style!

Red Ribbon Week dress up day & my cute red Target shoes.
Kate had lunch bunch at preschool. She was SO excited. I left a note in her lunch.
Kate got her preschool pictures back. Yay! She smiled!
Almost everyday after school I have a bowl of cereal as a snack.
I did this as a kid & still do it as an adult. I LOVE cereal.
Orange Sunflowers turn the water pink. Claire loves that!
Fun Halloween stuff. Getting Boo'd, Apple Cobbler, Pumpkin shirts & cat ears!
I was in charge of cupcakes & cupcakes toppers for Grammy's 100th Birthday Party.
I made my favorite, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes
We were out of town all weekend & then came back Sunday afternoon & went straight to our friends Pumpkin Carving party. Like always, Kevin carved a zucchini from our garden.
Yummy "Eyeballs" that I made for our Halloween Party.
On Tuesday, we headed into San Fran to go to the IJM (International Justice Mission) benefit Dinner. It was a beautiful night in the city.
The dinner was held at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel.
If you are not familiar with IJM, check them out.
They are a wonderful organization that helps rescue people from slavery & human trafficking.
There were about 800 people at the Dinner.
Right before dinner, they told us they had a surprise for us.
The FRAY happened to be in the city that day & wanted to play for us!!
What the what?!?! So awesome.
They sang 2 songs, How to Save a Life:
And then they sang their new song, Heartbeat.
Have you heard that song before? If not, here is your chance. I video taped their performance! Such an awesome song.

Me & my younger sister after the dinner:
It was a fun night, but my feet were SO sore for 2 days after. Walking a total of a mile in the hilly streets of San Fran in cheap (but cute) Payless shoes really does a number on your feet. Ouch.

Now that Halloween is over, it is time for Thanksgiving decorations!
This weekend, Kevin and I are reading scripture at one of my sister's best friends weddings.
I have been practicing my verse, Philippians 4:4-9.
Hope you all have a great weekend.
Ours is filled with a Rehearsal Dinner, a Wedding, House Guests & some photo shoots!

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  1. Just had to share that Phil 4:4 is what God has used to get me through Nate's death. He has taught me so many lessons through that scripture and what it means even in life's worst circumstances. I just love that you will get to read it at a wedding and will be thinking of you and that scripture all weekend.


  2. I think I'm tired from reading all of that. You have had a lot of FUN stuff going on :)

  3. I love IJM!!! The things they are doing around the world are truly incredible. Kate's pic is so cute! Ellie Kate has the same dress:).

  4. Hi! I'm a new follower! I love your blog, you are a busy girl!! I can't wait to visit San Fran sometime.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. One time The Fray played at my church before they were famous because they're from the Boulder area. It was AWESOME! They played Over My Head, I think.

  6. The Fray! That is so awesome! You are adorable in your cat ears. :)

  7. Wow! Happy 100th to your Grammy. That is something to celebrate. Cute cupcake toppers!

    I'm a cereal girl too. I have a bowl every night a few hours after dinner. I stay up really late so it holds me over.

    Happy Friday. Enjoy the wedding.

  8. what a fun week! i appreciate the ministry of IJM...such a great organization.

  9. You DID have a busy week friend! Heres wishing you a wonderful, celebratory weekend:) Wish we could go out for a hot cocoa(me) & coffee(you)! Darn 3000 miles issue.

  10. How cool was that video you took! Awesome. I have their how to save a life cd in my car cd right now. FUN.
    Sounds like you've been busy busy!
    Have fun this weekend. :)

  11. Wow! Looks like a full week! Where do I even start? First of all....those shoes are great!! I need to make a trip to target TODAY! :) Your daughters are precious....love your pumpkin shirt, and you neat sweet treats!

  12. I must try your recipes--they always look yummy--chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes? Yum-o!!! Full week it sure was--looks fun! Love the Fray and how exciting that you got to hear them in person!! You forgot to mention making awesome art for others: ) Thanks again!!

  13. the fray!!! love.
    cute shoes, love kate's lunch note, and the zucchini!

    xo happy weekend!

  14. How cool that the fray showed up!! I love your shoes - are they a recent target purchase? if so I might have to make a special trip :)

  15. you've had a full plate.. and lots of what's on it looks YUMMY!



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