Since November 2008, I have been a volunteer with a non-profit organization called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.

In November 2008, I applied to be one of their affiliate photographers. I did not want to apply, but I did because God so clearly put it on my heart because of the experiences of 2 of my friends who (unfortunately) had to use their services.
When God calls you to do something, you shouldn't ignore it. So, reluctantly, I listened to His call.
I DID NOT want to be accepted, and actually I prayed that I wouldn't because I don't have the talent or emotional strength to do the type of work that it calls you to encounter.
But, God has other plans. I was accepted just a few short days after I applied (to my horror)
I prayed I would never get a call to go do a photo-shoot because if you know me, I cry at everything..happy and sad! I am very emotional. I knew that I wouldn't be able to get through a session.
On Thursday, March 12th, I got a call about a little boy born at 28 weeks in December. He was being taken off life support on Saturday morning. His parents requested a photographer to be there to document the last moments of his life & the first moments they would be able to hold their precious son without tubes & wires connected to him.
I didn't want to go. I was scared. But I knew I had to go, so I did.

I have been reluctant to blog about it, but I needed to post this because my heart is still so heavy for the parents of this little boy. I need to post because this experience was incredibly impacting & to not post about it would be saying it was insignificant.
It was so significant & meaningful.
I am still processing the entire experience. I will never forget it. I will never forget the little boy. I will never forget the parents. I will never forget the doctor or the nurses that were there.

The past 3 days I have been distracted..thinking about them, crying for them & praying for them. It was heartbreaking & so humbling to be there.
If you are reading this & you are a person of prayer, please pray for this family.

Updated on 10.19.12
If you are visiting from Kelly's Korner, I encourage you to check out NILMDTS.
NILMDTS is a wonderful organization that I am proud to be associated with. If you are a photographer, consider applying to be a volunteer, it is such a blessing for the families.


  1. You are an awesome person. I know there would be no way that I could do it! I am still crying just from looking at the front page of NILMDTS.

    I just can't say it enough... you are awesome

  2. I don't know if you watch extreme home makeover but this Sunday was about a women who does something similar. That is a wonderful thing you are doing.

  3. I know I already told you, but it needs to be said again. You are an amazing wonderful person! <3

  4. I just read an article about the program, I think in Time magazine (while 39 weeks pregnant, not a good idea). And I also saw the Extreme Home Makeover with the featured photographer a previous commenter mentioned. I had no idea, Mel. That's just so amazing and inspiring. I will definitely pray for this little family.

  5. Wow, that is such a brave and noble thing you did. Think of all the joy's that you gave that family to have their family picture taken, a memory that will serve them well in their time of need. You are AWESOME and I just can't think of anything to describe the type of person you are. Truly one of God's women, you go woman!!!!!

  6. Okay, so I knew you were amazing, but now you are really amazing. I have actually heard of the organization before and stumbled upon it some time ago on the web, my heart was aching and aches just thinking about it.

  7. My nephew is a 28 weeker and I can clearly recall those very scary early days where we weren't sure we would get to see him grow and thrive. I praise God that we have been able to (he'll be 1 on April 17th!), but had God chosen to take him home, I would have wanted someone like you standing by his side with his parents... knowing you have such pure intentions for what they are experiencing. May God bless you in this journey he has sent you on.

  8. Thank you for volunteering for NILMDTS. I am an OB nurse and have seen the impact and thankfulness of the patients who receive these services. Although you are never called to the hospital for a happy situation, the patients and staff are always touched. What a great organization to be involved with to truely make a difference! God bless you!

  9. Oh what a gift you are giving, something these families will cling to and cherish the rest of their lives...

    Thank you... I will pray for this family and countless others that will need this service of passion and great love.

  10. This is an amazing service that you provide. Families will be forever be grateful for you and the memories you will give them for a life time! You are a wonderful woman to to this! I would love to come back and read more so I am now a new follower! Have a great weekend!

  11. Thank you for taking that leap of faith to volunteer with Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.
    My daughter died on 27 October 2009 and we used Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. I will forever treasure the pictures that were taken and the fact that the whole process was so easy. The staff at the hospital did everything.
    And it was late in the evening when when we needed them and it truly meant so much to us that someone would drop what they were doing to come and be part of this with us.
    Thank you,

  12. It is an amazing program. Thank you for being a part of it.

  13. It's wonderful that you have the talent to be part of such an amazing organization!
    Unfortunately, I had to share information about NILMDTS with my aunt today b/c my cousin and his wife lost their precious baby girl.
    Thank you for giving grieving families some lasting memories!

  14. Your post gave me cold chills. This sounds like a great charity and I am sure that family can never thank you for giving them those lasting memories. Thank you for sharing.

  15. That should say...they can never thank you enough... I should learn to proofread! :)

  16. So amazing. How utterly changed we can be when we allow God to use our gifts!

    What a blessing you are - so thankful for your selflessness.

  17. I think it is wonderful you are involved in this...it definitely takes a special person! This is so awesome to give this to a family who is losing/has lost a baby. How comforting for them to have something to hold on to!

  18. Wow! What an amazing gift you and the organization give the families. I don't know how you do it without getting emotional.
    I started tearing up just reading your post.
    Thank you so much for sharing this organization with us.

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