Ketchup & Hiccups

I don't like ketchup. I don't put it on hot dogs, hamburgers or french fries. I like my fries dipped in ranch (or if at Pete's Brass Rail, I dip fries in their cajun mayo).
The only thing I like ketchup with is hash brown or breakfast potatoes.

Well, Kate LOVES ketchup. Loves it. She has become a picky eater the past few months. That has been challenging because we need this girl to gain weight! Well, about a month ago, we were trying to get Kate to eat some chicken nuggets (which she usually likes). Kevin said, "give her some ketchup to dip them in" I immediately made a face and said, "ewww, nasty". But, Kevin insisted we give ketchup a try. He squirted some ketchup on her plate & she ate up every last morsel of chicken nugget. Kate became a big fan of ketchup that night.

So, now, whenever we are trying to get Kate to eat something we squirt some ketchup on her plate & she goes crazy.

Tonight, Kate had chicken nuggets for dinner. I gave her a chocolate chip cookie for dessert while she was still in her high chair with her plate with leftover ketchup on it. I witnessed the horror of Kate repeatedly dipping her chocolate chip cookie in ketchup. Kids are gross!

Here is a list of things Kate likes to dip in ketchup:
  • eggs
  • quesadillas
  • meatballs
  • french fries
  • chicken nuggets
  • spinach nuggets
  • toast
  • grilled cheese
  • tortilla chips
  • string cheese
  • bananas (gross)
  • chocolate chip cookies (double gross)
Onto hiccups....when I was pregnant with Claire, from 34 weeks on, she would get the hiccups every night from 10 to 11. This trend has continued for her outside the womb. She still gets the hiccups every night and she also gets the hiccups at least 2 more times throughout the day. These are violent hiccups, her little body convulses every time she hiccups. She doesn't like them & usually starts crying a few minutes into her hiccuping session. The good news is that her baby acne has finally cleared up (how shallow am I????)
Claire is 6 weeks old today & I almost caught a smile with my camera! I wasn't quite fast enough!

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  1. What is it with the ketchup?! Cara does the same thing!! BLEGH!
    Claire is gorgeous, those cheeks are awesome!!!!!!!!!



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