Not Cool.

Things that are not cool:

1. Having to pee every hour because a baby is pounding on your bladder.

2. Still having waves of nausea when you are 9 months pregnant. Throwing up with a big ole' baby belly is not fun. Seriously not cool.

3. The A/C in my classroom not working on Back to School Night....it was 90 degrees in my classroom. I was sweating as I was giving my presentations to the parents. You should have seen the looks on their faces as they walked into the INFERNO (aka my classroom). It was nasty in there.

4. The fact that in your last week of pregnancy the weather has been in the triple digits for 5 days straight. What is up with that?? It is September...summer is OVER!!

5. A rat (or some other rodent) dies under your house & it's awful stench stinking up your laundry room because the heat is baking it's corpse. This is not cool ever, but when you are 9 months pregnant your sense of smell is out of control.

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