Claire's Birth Story

Today was my due date with Claire (9.12.08)

Here is her birth story:
I went in for my induction at 7 am on Tuesday 9/9/08. At my appt the week before, I was 2 cm & 50% effacted. Dr. W wanted to induce me because I had a big baby. He wanted to induce me on September 1st, but that was too early for me...I wanted to get in another week of teaching because school had just started on August 26.

When we got to the hospital, I got checked in & then my nurse wanted to check me. She couldn't feel my cervix b/c it was too high?????? So, she wanted to do an ultrasound to make sure the baby was still head down. She did an u/s, and baby was head down, so she started the pitocin at 8:30.

I got checked at 10:30 and was only at 3cm. Then, my dr came in at 12:30 to check me again & I was still only at 3cm!!! I couldnt believe how slow I was dialating. So, at 12:30 my dr also broke my water to get things moving faster (the pitocin was at the highest level they could go). I started feeling more contractions & I knew I would start progressing faster.

They checked me again at 2:00 & I was only 3.5 cm. I was starting to get frustrated! They suggested I get the epidural then so that maybe my body would relax & I would dilate more. So, i got the epi & waited.

I got checked again at 3:30 and I was still a 3.5 cm. I started freaking out that my body was failing me & that I wouldn't dialate. (I was also induced with Kate & I dialated 1-2cm an hour, so I was shocked that with baby #2 it was going so slow)

I got checked again at 5:00 at I was still a 3.5, but I was now 100% effaced and the baby's head was moving down. I was still super frustrated that I wasn't dialating. I thought I was going to have to have a c/s for sure.

I was checked at 6:45 and I was a 4.

I was checked at 7:40 and I was at a 10 & ready to go! I was SOOO relieved.
(Side note: we were watching Wheel of Fortune)

Dr W got there at 8:25 and we started pushing. I pushed for almost 3 hours with Kate, so I was hoping I would only have to push for an hour or so.

Well, after only 25 minutes of pushing, Claire Kristine Larson was born!
It was another GIRL!!!
I knew it! It was so fun hearing, "It's a Girl" again!

She was 9 lbs 6 oz & 22.5 inches long. I had a 2nd degree tear & had to get some stitches, but I feel great! I was more torn up with Kate & way more sore with Kate. Kate was 8 lbs 5 oz, but had a bigger head.

She is so big, the newborn diapers don't even fit her.
The nurses had to bring me a pack of size 1's. That was kind of sad.
Hopefully she won't have the weight gaining issues like Kate has!

Claire looks so much like Kate did as a baby, it is kinda scary! Claire has more hair than Kate, her hair is black! She looks like an eskimo!
She is nursing like a champ & sleeps a lot (for now)

Leaving for the hospital!

Playing Cribbage during labor & eating Jell-o. Good times!

30 seconds after Claire was born!

Yep, a 9 lb 6 oz baby. I was shocked!
With our Favorite Doctor!

Check out those cheeks!
What a cutie!
We are so thankful for our newest blessing & I am so excited to have TWO daughters!

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