San Diego Spring Break Road Trip {Part 1}

Last week was Spring Break & the kids and I headed on a road trip to San Diego.
If you remember....last Spring Break the kids and I went on a road trip to Santa Barbara & visited 10 of the 21 California Missions on that trip.
This year we headed to San Diego & went to Legoland, San Diego Zoo Safari Park and of course checked off 4 more California Missions off our list. 

Here is a glimpse into the first couple days of this year's Spring Break Road Trip:
Ready to hit the road....San Diego or Bust! 
 The kids did great on the drive down, we only had 1 quick bathroom stop after The Grapevine and then our first official stop was Mission San Juan Capistrano.

This was Mission #14 of 21 that we have seen in the past year :)

It was absolutely stunning.
  Beautiful courtyard:

 Other side of courtyard:

 The landscaping was a mix of wildflowers & succulents.
 And, of course palm trees.
 California poppies are in bloom during the Spring, so that's always fun to see.
 There was a pond/fountain in the middle of the courtyard:
 I think that was my kids favorite part ;)
 Look at all these lilypads:
 More succulents:
 All missions have beautiful arches:
 These were made of brick, which is unique.
 There was an older version of the mission on the outside of the main courtyard:
 The Mission Bells:
More plants:
 The outer walls are much more dilapidated.
View of the old chapel:
 View of the updated chapel:
The outside:

We loved this Mission, it was one of Kate's favorites.

Then we got back on the road & made it to our hotel around 5pm.
 We stayed in Carlsbad at the Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort. We loved it!
 We had a view of the ocean, the pool & this adorable courtyard.
 I enjoyed a glass of wine on our balcony as a reward for driving over 400 miles & 8 hours with my 3 kids :)
 There was a Mexican food place called Norte on the edge of the hotel property, so walked across the courtyard & had dinner there.
 After dinner, the kids wanted to swim. They had been in a car for 8 hours, so swimming was a great way to burn off some energy before bed.

The next morning we got up, had a quick breakfast, coffee and headed straight to Legoland!
 This was our first time to Legoland, so the kids were very excited.
The first thing they wanted to do was go get their "drivers license" at the Legoland Raceway.
 No adults allowed, only kids could do this :)
I don't have that many photos of everything we did at Legoland because I kept my phone zipped in my purse most of the day.
My kids always love the carousal.
We went on a Fairy Tale boat ride...reminded me of Small World.
My VERY favorite thing at Legoland was Mini Land.  This is Las Vegas Mini Land:
It is incredible...they have different cities built with legos....NYC Mini Land!!!
The photos don't even do it justice....the legos look just like these cities!
Some of these lego building are 8-10 feet tall
Central Park:
They had a lego subway that actually moved:
It was fascinating.
This lego band actually moved & had music playing.

New Orleans:
So cool

San Francisco!!!!
Victorian "Full House" houses:
Also known as the Painted Ladies:
SF Mini Land had lots of hills...just like the real SF.
Pier 39:
The Wharf:
Ghiradelli Square:
Love all the accurate details.
Can't forget about The Golden Gate Bridge :)
Driving the little boats:
There was also a Star Wars Mini Land. My kids LOVE Star Wars (I've never seen it, they get their love of Star Wars from Kevin)
My mother in law also came along for our Spring Break Adventure. My niece lives in San Diego, so she hung out with us all week as well. The kids loved having so much cousin time with her. 
It was a fun day at Legoland...my kids LOVED it. I thought it was just okay.
It is perfect for kids 5th grade and younger. I am glad we went, but I think we are 1 and done with Legoland...I prefer Disneyland :) There is also a Legoland Water Park that is attached to the park, but we didn't do that because the weather was in the 60's...not really water park weather.  There is also an Aquarium, but we didn't do that either (we have lots of Aquariums here in the Bay Area...Monterey, SF, etc)
We went on all the roller coasters at Legoland & most of the rides (sorry I don't have photos...too busy having fun!) If you do go to Legoland, you can definitely do it all in 1 day.

After Legoland we were hungry and ready for dinner! Our hotel was right in downtown Carlsbad...such a cute town!!
We went to Pizza Port for dinner.
It was SO good. My neice is gluten free, so she got a gluten free pepperoni, the kids got cheese pizza & my mother in law and I got the BBQ Chicken Pizza.
Delicious pizza & fun atmosphere!

We got ice cream after at Sub Zero Ice Cream. It's one of the places that does the nitrogen ice cream.
You can never go wrong with vanilla & Reeses PB cup :)

Phew! 2 busy days.... Stay tuned for Part 2...which will cover the last 3 days of our trip :)

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  1. Looks like a fun trip, I live in San Diego and until this time last year, my daughter lived in Carlsbad, so I had many meals at Norte (and some at Pizza Port).

  2. So much fun!! We have family that lives in SD! I would LOVE to get out there some time!!

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