Loving Lately // June 2017

It's time for another round of Loving Lately!
I am going to do this once a month & they have a color theme.
January was gray, February was pink and March was green and for April the color theme was  yellow/gold, May was coral and June is AQUA or some may call it TURQUOISE!

Here is this month's Loving Lately....

// ONE //
 It's summer & the weather is hotter which means I really, really, really need to drink water more consistently.
How cute is this Swell bottle?
I swear I drink more water because it keeps it cold and it's a cute bottle. 
They also keep things hot!
They come in tons of designs & color options!
Check them out HERE.

// TWO //
How cute are these flip flops?

I need to get them for Claire...they have 3 of her favorite things...flamingos, the color pink & the color aqua. She is going to love them.

// THREE //
Speaking of flip flops, let's chat for a minute about what happens when you wear flip flops all Summer. Cracked heels. Or am I just the only one?
UGH. Mine get so bad...literally the only shoes I wear during the Summer are flip flops or running shoes (if I go on a run) My heals get so cracked and for years and years I have tried to figure out a remedy for them & last summer I figured it out!
First, I use a pumice stone on my heels.
Then I exfoliate my heels with the Rodan + Fields microdermabrassion paste.
Then I wash it off and put on some of this magical Foot Cream

I just found out it also comes in a tube

Then I put on socks. I do this right before bed maybe 2-3 times a week.
No more cracked & bleeding heels! 
Love this during the summer months!

// FOUR //
How cute is this shirt that I got in myStitch Fix

Love it with white shorts or white jeans.

I am seriously loving Stitch Fix lately.
Have you given it a try? If not, you should! I have done Stitch Fix every month for the past 3 years.
You can customize it and do it every other month or every 3 months, etc.
It's like Christmas when the box arrives :)

// FIVE //
I am loving all the free time I have in the summer to read!
Last week I finished this book:
I loved it. I loved the author so much that I am going to get some more of her books! 
If you like suspense, mystery and a little creepy...this book (and author!) is for you.

// SIX //
Lash Boost
My "out the door with 1 coat of mascara, wet hair in a bun (or hat) and lipgloss look" is a whole lot better thanks to Lash Boost!
Needless to say I'm in love. These are my personal results after 12 weeks of Lash Boost:
 One tube of Lash Boost lasts me around 4-5 months!
I have FIVE $20 off COUPONS available to the next 5 new Preferred Customer orders of the Lash Boost Conditioning Serum.
100% natural, 100% real!
If you want longer, darker & fuller looking lashes, this is the deal for you!
Email me to claim one!

// SEVEN  //
Loving going to Lake Tahoe....especially in the summer.
The lake is Aqua....check out this photo I took at my favorite beach:
My happy place. Year round.

//  EIGHT  //
Since it's summer & I am in Tahoe... I am loving this hat
You will see me in this hat almost everyday in the summer.
I LOVE it.
It comes in several colors!

// NINE // 
Loving  my kids wearing Rash Guards
Luke has this one and loves it.

I love rash guards because they protect against the hot sun when we are swimming or spending time in Lake Tahoe. The girls have these ones. I make them wear them almost everyday that we are in Tahoe. The sun there is so harsh!

 // TEN //
We are Loving the Stand up Paddle Boards that Santa brought us!

They are inflatable so that we don't have to put them on roof racks.
You would never know they are inflateable! We love them
They come with a backpack, pump, oar & other accessories.

Santa got them at over 50% off on a Black Friday deal, but they are on sale again right now!

They were a gift for Kevin & I, but the girls have pretty much claimed them as their own.
They took their maiden voyage this past weekend and we all loved them.

So, there you have it....some lovely aqua/turquoise l things I have been Loving Lately.
I'm just all about Summer....can you tell?!?
What have you been Loving Lately?


  1. Thanks for the foot cream recommendation- mine are terrible, even after a trip to the nail salon. Love that turquoise top! Happy summer!

  2. Nothing about the heat in central Cali -- that is for sure! I am ready to head to my happy place! Pismo Beach for 2 weeks straight! I can not wait!

  3. i almost bought that foot cream today but passed since i have some random stuff at home. but the heel cracking became a serious problem after a week in NYC-all the walking in sandals! I'm getting it. It's such a weird, but painful issue!

  4. Love these recommendations! I have to get that Joy Felding book. It is going on my Amazon wish list. I have read her older books but haven't read one of her newer books in a couple of years! She's a good suspense author. I want to buy that foot cream. Have you ever bought MIRA water bottles? They are cheaper than Swell and just as effective. For Christmas I bought my three daughters and husband MIRA bottles from Amazon and they loved them!

  5. You need to read books by the author, Pam Jenoff. I'm a teacher too and have been spending my summer staying up way too late, because I can't put her books down! They are SO good! :) I have enjoyed reading some of the books you have recommended on our blog too!

  6. Need to get the CA Love hat in other colors! I've had my camo one for two or three years now and it's my fave!

  7. I love that top! And I have to go visit Lake Tahoe!! 😍



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