10 on 10 :: March 2017 & A Winner

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}
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Here was a snapshot of our day from Friday, March 10th
I just love documenting the 10th of each month and seeing what we were up to.

Getting ready in the morning....every day the girls ask me to braid their hair. Both girls are growing it out for Locks of Love. They haven't gotten their haircut in over 18 months.
We need them to have 8-10 inches to donate....I think we are getting close to donation time...their hair is SO long now.

Trees at school....and all over our town. Everything is in bloom. So pretty, but so much pollen!

Break at school...time for my breakfast while I enter grades.

I have a bar every morning between 9-10 for breakfast. I don't get hungry until mid morning.

In class, my students worked on making posters for the Pythagorean Theorem. They had to create their own Real world problem and make a poster about it.

I love the Eiffel Tower poster one girl made. Very creative.

Ran home for lunch....Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato soup with croutons.
I love soup :)

Then I went to my hair cut. Desperate need of highlights!
I started reading The Magnolia Story...have you read it yet? I just love Fixer Upper and the Gaines.

Then I headed to pick up the kids from school. When we got home, Kate had a long awaited package waiting for her on the front porch. Her American Girl had returned from the doll hospital.

You see, her American Girl needed a head transplant because her hair was a rats nest. We tried fixing it on our own to no avail, so for Kate's birthday, my mom told her she would get her doll's head replaced. They send your doll to the Doll Hospital and she comes back in a gown, hospital bracelet, new socks and as good as new. My girls are obsessed with AG dolls.

Since it was Friday, that meant no homework! Yeah! So my kitchen table was actually clean because it wasn't being used for Homework. Luke and I put up our St. Patricks banner.

I love getting fresh daffodils in March & April.

Then we headed to our friends house to drop off a Kentucky Derby hat for our school Auction...the hills in our town are SO green right now!

It was the evening of our kids school Auction & the theme was Kentucky Derby...here is what we wore:
We had such a fun night with our friends. I just LOVED the theme! And, I love any excuse to get dressed up :)

It was a great 10th....hope you had a great one also!

And, the winner of the $100 Amazon Gift Card is:
Erin K.
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  1. You two look so cute in that last picture!!!

  2. Dying over the whole HEAD TRANSPLANT! That's awesome that they fix it for you!

  3. I teach elementary and we only have a 30 minute lunch. How long do you guys get??

  4. I wish I could get a head transplant...what an awesome idea😃. No more gray and wrinkles...Sign me up! (Thank heavens for R+F) I LOVED The Magnolia Story. Such a sweet story❤️

  5. We did the same thing with both of my girls' dolls in January. They've had the dolls since they turned 5 (so over 3 years) and they learned to brush, braid, use rubber bands on them...the hair was trashed!



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