I love you, Colorado

A few weeks ago Kevin and I headed to Boulder, Colorado for my college soccer reunion.
The last time we were in Boulder was in 2007....Kate was just 9 months old.
I was SO excited to go back to Boulder.
Boulder is one of my favorite places on earth.
We flew in Thursday night and our first stop was "The Hill" in Boulder so we could go to one of my favorite pizza places....The Sink!
We ordered my favorite kind of pizza....Pepperoni, Pineapple & Jalapeno.
One of my favorite things about The Sink is that they have honey on the tables for you to put on your crust!!! SO good! 
I think putting honey on your crust is a Colorado thing, because the only times I have seen this is in Colorado. It's SOOOO good! 

Across the street from The Sink was my favorite coffee shop, Buchanan's...I was SO sad that it wasn't there anymore! It has been replaced by this bookstore & cafe:

The next morning, we met one of my best friends for brunch. Oh, how I have missed the beautiful views of the Flatirons:
We had brunch at Snooze, it was AMAZING.
I had 2 different types of Eggs Benedict.
Kevin got the B.E.A.T sandwich:
We also had a flight of pancakes....pineapple upside down, pumpkin & sweet potato.
All of the food was SOOOOOO good. 
And, it was even better seeing my best friend AK. We grew up next door to each other as kids & we both went to the University of Colorado together, but she stayed in Colorado after college & has lived there ever since. 
After our amazing meal, Kevin and I headed to the new Colorado Champions Athletic Center to meet up with some of my college soccer teammates. 
It was perfect timing because the Athletic Director was there & he gave us an AMAZING behind the scenes tour of the new facility. It was incredible.
Here is the locker room....
Film room:
Hallway with this year's football uniforms:
With our National Championship trophy from 1990:
The top of the the Athletic Center over looking the football field:
With the Athletic Director...such a great guy....he has done amazing things for CU Athletics since he arrived a few years ago:
More incredible views:
So many memories running these stadiums....ugh!
View from the other side...practice fields:
I loved all the fall colors!
I have lots of memories practicing on these fields also:
Then it was time to head to the Women's Soccer game!
Colorado Soccer Wall of Fame..
There's my name!
Proud to be a Buff!
The CU soccer field:
The soccer team was playing UW
More awesome views:
How great is this sign that they had lining the field? I had to get a picture with it. Chip wanted in on the photo also!
At halftime, they honored the CU Soccer Alumni:
After the game (Buffs beat UW 1-0) We had a photo with the team:
Love my former teammates...can't believe we haven't seen each other in 15 years!
My freshman roomie came to the game to see us:
Again...just love the views that Boulder has!
It was homecoming weekend, so that night on Pearl St, they had a parade:
After that we hit up some of our favorite spots from college. We felt SO old, but we still got carded! LOL!
One of my old FCA leaders from college found the old Colorado Soccer game schedule from 1999 when I was a junior & on the cover of & she sent me a photo of it! I can't believe she still had one!
I wore a bow in my ponytail every practice & every game. It was good luck :)

The next morning, walked around Pearl St & admired all the beautiful Fall colors!
We had lunch at one of my favorite places...Illegal Pete's. Such good burritos!
We walked from Pearl Street up to campus...it was a beautiful day. 80 degreees in Boulder in October!!
If you have never been to Boulder...you need to go!!! 
Such a beautiful place.
 On our walk, we stopped by my old house that I lived in my junior & senior years.
You better believe I knocked on the door to say hi & find out who was living there now. 
 I am not shy at all.....and I have no shame. HA!
Only one of the girls who lived there was home, but her parents were in town for the football game & they were so nice and told us to come in and check out the house.
We lived there 15 years ago and I could not believe that they hadn't replaced the orange formica kitchen counters!!! They were outdated when I lived there! 
The girl who was home was so nice & she is also going to be a teacher. 
We also walked past my apartment I lived in Sophomore year:
Our beautiful campus....

My freshman dorm....Sewall Hall:
I know I am biased....but I am pretty sure CU has the most beautiful college campus in the country!
Rec Center pool....this pool wasn't there when I was in college!
Once we got on campus, we walked over to the Forvever Buffs Tailgate Party before the football game. 
Ralphie is our live buffalo that runs the field before the football games:
Hi Ralphie!
The tailgate was fun & we saw some of our friends who played football at CU when we were in college. We hadn't seen them in 15 years!
Me & some of my former teammates:
I made Kevin take a photo of me with this amazing fall colored tree. LOVE it!
When I was in college at CU is when I really fell in love with Fall. 
When I was in college, I volunteered with the middle school youth group at the church I went to in Boulder (First Presbyterian Boulder). The youth pastor at the time was a guy named Dave & we ran into each other at the tailgate. His son went to CU. So great to run into him!
Then, it was time to go to the game!
Our stadium is right on campus.
The game was awesome, it was a night game & we beat ASU!
These are my friends Erik & Sara. Erik and I met freshman year and his wife Sara and I worked at Kanakuk summer camp together:
The next day, we were heading home & did one last walk around Pearl St. If you have been to Boulder before, you know there are street performers on Pearl St....my favorite street performer was the box guy...I couldn't believe that 15 years later he was still a street performer!
It was such a great weekend in Boulder....I was sad to go.
I have missed these amazing views:
Thanks again, for the fun memories, Boulder.
I loved Boulder so much, we even named our yellow lab, Boulder :)
Boulder will always have a special place in my heart...college was 4 of the best years of my life. 
If you haven't been to Boulder, you need to add it to your bucket list!


  1. Oh my goodness! Boulder is GORGEOUS! Now, I want to move there :).

  2. Boulder is very pretty however I have to disagree that it has the most gorgeous campus. Have you ever been to State College, Pa? Home of the Pennsylvania State University and the best and most gorgeous campus anywhere. Also best college football atmosphere in the country! We Are! ......looks like a fun weekend! Always fun to go back and see what has changed and what hasn't!

  3. Yay Boulder! This post made me miss it so much!

  4. I love Colorado also! I have not been to Boulder though....now I want to go there next time we are in Vail!

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