2016 Summer List

According to the calendar, today is the first "official" day of summer, but our Summer officially started last Monday.
On the first day of Summer Break, I always have some summer "presents" for my kids on the breakfast table.

Flamingo Pool Float {HERE} // Full House {HERE}

 These are little gifts that I give them to celebrate that it is summer. 
And, it is slightly based on working mom guilt. Yikes.

Not pictured was Luke's Summer present which was a super soaker. 
He grabbed it before I took a photo of it  :)

Claire LOVES flamingos, so when I saw that float, I knew the girls would love it, especially Claire. It's big enough for both of them. Plus, Claire decided on a flamingo pool party for her Birthday this September, so the flamingo float will be perfect for the party!

The girls were SO excited about getting the Full House series. The love Fuller House and know that I watched Full House as a kid. They are loving Full House so far. I limit us to watching 2 episodes a day....I told them when I was a kid I had to wait a week until TGIF was on to see a new episode & they are lucky that I am letting us watch 2 a day :)
I love making a Summer List with them because it's fun to see what ideas they come up with.
I also got them a pack of Mr. Sketch Markers!!! They loved that they smell so good! These also bring me back to my childhood :)
I like making a Summer List because it helps with ideas for what they want to do in the summer.
Our summer is pretty un-scheduled for the most part.
We are not doing Swim Team this year like we have the past few years (the girls said no more Swim Team) This is freeing up SO much of our time since we don't have practice each day & we don't have Wed night Swim Meets or Saturday Swim meets this summer.
What are we going to do with all our free time?!?! That is where the Summer List comes in handy!
They have VBS and a couple other camps this summer, but that is about it!

Here is our 2016 Summer List:
We won't get through all the things on our Summer List, but it is fun to try!
Some of the things I am looking forward to that are on the list:
- Glo Stick Swimming at Night (we did this last year, so fun!)
- Movie on the lawn
- Watch the Full House Series
- Waterslides

I am also a mean mom ;) and each day they have to do 20 minutes of reading, 10 minutes of math, 20 minutes of jumping on the trampoline & make their bed each day.

Here is my summer list of things *I* want to get done this Summer:
1. Finish Claire's 1st year Baby Book.
(I made an awesome book for Kate's 1st year and haven't finished Claire's yet...she will be EIGHT in September and she keeps asking where her book is. YIKES. I am the WORST.)

2. Start Luke's 1st year Baby Book
(Don't want the 3rd kid to be without one for almost 8 years like Claire. I REALLY need to buckle down and get these done!)

3. Read a book a week
I just finished my first book of the summer this weekend:

Pretty Girls...such a great book!!! If you liked Gone Girl or Girl on the Train, you will love this book.
It's only $1.99 if you get it on your kindle {HERE}
Summer is when I do most of my reading. 
Looking forward to keeping my reading streak going this summer!

4. Catch up & clean out my email. 
(My inbox is a disaster. I need to organize it & unsubscribe from things!)

5. Clean out closets!
One of the books I want to start off reading is The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up...I know this will help me with cleaning out closets!
(Things get crazy & unorganized as the school year comes to an end. I need to claim back our closets & get rid of things that don't fit the kids and/or that we don't wear anymore)

6. Train for my 4th Half Marathon
I've been wanting to sign up for another Half since the last one I did was in March. 
The SF Giants have a 10K & Half Marathon in September and I have heard it is a fun race. You finish in the outfield of AT&T park!

7. Do "One Perfect Week"
This is basically following Whole30, but only for a week.
I don't think I could do Whole 30 for an entire month, but I want to do it for a week and see how that goes. Anyone done this before?

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  Do you have a summer list? 
What are looking forward to doing this summer?


  1. My kids are grown and my baby just graduated from Fresno State but hasn't gotten a Big Girl job yet, so for now she is working for her dad and living with us. It's a blessing and a curse. Being on her own for 5 years has definitely made this adjustment more difficult but even with her being 23, we are trying to do some fun things this summer! We have a Black Bear Diner here in Tulare and we love it! So funny to see it on your list! Have a fabulous summer!

  2. I love the idea of a summer list! How creative! If I ever have a family, I may have to steal that idea. Until then, maybe I can be creative also and just make one for myself.
    Also, I want those coloring books!! Those look awesome!

  3. We have a list too! and thanks to you I'm going to add my wish list now. http://www.mamachitchat.com/summer-bucket-list-2016/

  4. I miss TGIF. We have that same Full House Set. Love it. I do own Boy Meets World and Sabrina The Teenage Which(I might start doing TGIF). I do summer gifts. However this year... I am waiting tell July. I am a "mean" mom also. Reading, math, writing. ❤ Happy first day of Summer to you and your family.

  5. I did the Whole 30 and followed it completely. It wasn't that hard once you get into it. Making sure I had enough proteins to eat was the biggest challenge. I ate TONS of eggs. I also did dine out a few times. I'm on vacation right now and plan on getting back on track with it once we are home. Not sure I will do 30 days, but any days I follow it are better than none. Good luck .

  6. Totally just bought the book...thanks for the suggestion! I finished Before You...and am reading After You and we have vacation next week so I was definitely looking for some new books to read! I seriously use to be a mega scrapbooker...thank goodness for blogging or my little two would not have any memories. haha

  7. Can you share more about the baby book? Is it digital book or a scrapbook type thing? I need to get one done for my daughter and would love to hear what you did!

  8. A few years ago when I first started reading your blog, I got the great idea of having the kids make a Summer Fun List and now my girls look forward to making one every year. Thanks for the great idea!

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