October 27, 1911.
Today is my Grammy's 104th Birthday.
You read that correctly.
 Absolutely Amazing.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you probably remember me talking about my Grammy and how amazing she is.
I blog about her birthday every year because I think it's pretty incredible that she has lived to be this old.

This weekend we headed down to Grammy's to celebrate her 104th Birthday.
It's tradition for me to bring her a bouquet of pink roses & a balloon for her birthday
(Pink is her favorite color...mine too!)

Grammy currently lives in a retirement home, she lived on her own in her house until last October, right before her 103rd birthday (pretty amazing to live on your own until you are 103!!!!)
My mom and aunt moved her to old person's home because Grammy's vision was failing & she had a fall last October, so it was just time for Grammy to move out of her own house.
The home she is at is nice, there are about 30 people who live there...Grammy is the oldest.
 Grammy is hysterical....She asked me why there were patches on my jeans.  I told her they were distressed jeans & they are in style. I guess when you grow up during the Great Depression, ripped jeans aren't a fashion statement :)

Grammy was doing well....you never know what you are going to expect since her memory has gotten pretty bad in the past year. I had to remind her of my name & my kids names, which I had mentally prepared myself for since my mom warned me her memory was really fading.
 When I told her my name was Melissa she said "Ah yes..Melissa. That's a pretty name"

 When she first saw Luke she said "Who's little boy is that?" I reminded her that Luke was my son & she said "You have a boy?!? We have a boy in the family?" It made me smile because Grammy had 2 daughters (my mom is her youngest daughter) and my mom had 3 girls & then I had my 2 girls before I had Luke, so I thought it was cute that she responded with "We have a boy in the family?"

 It was so wonderful seeing my Grammy & celebrating her 104th birthday.
It's always a little emotional celebrating her birthday & seeing her and wondering if this was going to be the last time I see her....I mean she is 104 after all!
Everyone always asks Grammy her advice for living so long & for being in such good health 
Here is her list of advice:
1. Surround yourself with your family and people you love.
2. Drink Coffee every morning.
3. Have a Happy Hour cocktail everyday (Grammy's preference is a Cranberry Vodka)
4. Stay away from hospitals & doctors.
5. Be positive.

Happy 104th Birthday, Grammy.
Thank you for being such an inspiration to everyone who knows you.


  1. It's my birthday too! I love sharing birthdays with such special ladies! I love the patches comment, so something my grandmother would say!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. Just amazing. Every year, I am more and more amazed by your Grammy! And I love her advice! Love, love, love it!

  3. This is awesome! I had a great aunt live to be 104 1/2 ! ;) Her key to living a long life was extremely similar... pretty funny. Happy Birthday to your sweet Grammy !!

  4. What a milestone!! You have a sweet legacy going before you!

  5. Happy Birthday, Grammy! I like her thoughts on happy hour.

  6. Happy Birthday to your grandmother!

  7. Every year I wait for this post, and every year I cry! This one was extra special. Love to you and Grammy! xoxo

  8. She sounds like an amazing woman! I hope she had the happiest of birthdays!

  9. Happy 104th birthday to your grandmother. Hope she enjoys her day. I took care of a resident that was 104 but she has passed away. She was my favorite resident told me all kinds of wonderful stories about her life. Have a great day! :)

  10. I love this! Happy Birthday to your Grammy! I am close to my Memaw, who will be 92 in November. I love your grammy's spunk, Memaw swears by her happy hour "medicine" every day too :)



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